Sep 22 2007

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I know for a fact , and have it on tape from “911 Rudy’s” private hosery salesman, that Rudy is very discriminate; when picking out his feminine underwear. Fish net and lace are his favorite hosery. “911 Rudy” is a flamboyant crossdresser; who enjoys a bit of the bizzare in his personal apparel selections. There are a number of published pictures of “Rudy Boy” in drag. Yes, he does look better as a woman than as a man. Anyone who has seen him in his several public appearances in drag, will agree with me that; “911 Rudy ” is the perfect GOP Presidential Candidate to challenge skirt to pant suit with Hillary Clinton.

As I watched the unbelievable spectacle of “911 Rudy” the crossdressing Republican, answer a cell phone call from his wife , while he was in the middle of a speech to the NRA I realized at that moment; that “911 Rudy’s ” wife might be his dominatrix. It makes perfect sense! How many men in the world would answer a call from their wives while giving a speech; unless they were so submissive to their wife , being nationally humiliated by answering her call, might actually turn him on sexually. “911 Rudy” might have had a controlled orgasm, while talking to his dominatrix wife in front of the NRA. Did anyone catch his euphoric smile; when he answered the phone and said to his audience , it was his wife. Then he asked her to say hello to the people in the audience. This is one very sick SOB!

Did anyone by chance see the Knighting of Sir Sissy “911Rudy” by the Queen of England back in 2002. She gave him a Knight Hood , supposedly for his valiant efforts during the World Trade Center conspiracy. Sir Sissy,” 911 Rudy” bowed before the Queen of England at her god damned feet, as she Knighted him ; while he was looking up her dress. This was the perfect position for a sad, sick, perverted submissive. This is the “man” who is the front runner for the GOP presidential candidate !!!!! You have got to admire the GOP for keeping in character. Nothing hypocritical about them. NO SIR!

You might not have heard about this yet, but a GOP Federal Prosecutor was busted last week in Florida for soliciting sex with a 5 year old girl. An FBI agent posed as a mother on the internet who was willing to sell sex with her 5 year old daughter. This sick SOB took her up on the offer, hopped a plane and was nabbed by the FBI when he got off the plane. This was one of the Bush / Gonzales boys; who was not on the Bush / Gonzales Federal Prosecutor hit list.

By now anyone who claims they are a “Good Republican” has got to be one sick SOB. If cross dressing, submissive, “911 Rudy “, is the top choice for the Republican Presidential Candidate for 2008; who ever votes for him is either a pervert themselves, or a complete and utter imbecile.


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  3. Marie

    – hey beckoh, i should not have read your blog today! i was just doing some catch up clicked over to natalie norton’s site and balled like a baby! her words, strength, faith, and wisdom are absoultely breathtaking. and your words, wisdom, funnies, and realism hit home to me! love ya.

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