Oct 30 2007

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Few things in a person’s life bring a man closer to an understanding and appreciation of his physical and spiritual self better than a Sunday morning hangover. The cottonball thirst when the hangoveree first wakes up, the wrench of acid reflux that makes him think he is about to self combust, and the hazy glaze of his vision for the first few minutes of awaken consiousness are the first signs; that assure him he is alive and has survived the night before. There is a karmic sense of pain and confusion caused by the over consumption of a combination of alcohol , rich foods , revelry, and staying too late at a party. The classic, karmic, hangover headache is often associated with a confused urgency spurred by a vague memory of the night before, and a sense of embarassment and guilt for over indulging, and having overslept for two hours on Sunday morning. These karmic symptoms are immediately followed by an awkward attempt by the hangoveree, at springing out of bed to close the window shades, to block out the intruding sunlight, that is welding his eyes shut.

The search for spiritual higher consiousness,while enduring the karmic effects of a Sunday morning hangover does not begin during the aforementioned episodes of physical self awareness. The spiritual search for consiousness begins as the hangoveree enters his most private sanctuary, and first confronts his reflection in the mirror above the porcelin altar. That first glimse of an unrecognizable being startles the hangoveree into a stark awareness of himself, and he begins a series of ceremonial activities; that will bring him to a higher consiousness.

As the hangoveree stands before the altar of himself, he sees reflected in the mirror a male figure naked to the waste, with a stubbled beard, dishevelled hair, an unquenchable physical thirst, and an indullable headache. He then either smiles or frowns at his reflection, and bows to wash his face in cold water to enhance his self awareness.

After his ceremonial cleansing, and administering to himself his medicinal dosages of aspirin and antacid, he will put on his Sunday ceremonial garments and robe, leave his private sanctuary, and proceed to his kitchen. There he will prepare his measured cups of coffee, and may search for his ceremonial cigarettes. Upon finding his ceremonial cigarettes , he may light one and smoke it, and attend to other necessary duties. If he has a dog or cat he will let them outdoors. If he has a considerate spouse and children,they will have conveniantly gone to church, or to visit the grandparents for the day, or are preoccupied with their own activities, so he may quietly adjust to the morning by himself.

As the aroma of the brewed coffee fills the air and enhances his appetite , he sips his first taste of ceremonial coffee, and settles into his ceremonial Sunday morning rituals, of reading the paper , or watching the news, listening to music, or radio, surf the internet, watch a sports event, or he might simply sit in his easy chair, to enjoy the quiet of the morning.


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