Oct 03 2007

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Often I sense the presense of someone else with me. It’s not an odd sensation, but rather a welcomed one. I now feel a remote thought occuring to me, that wasn’t from my own intention. It is not dangerous, or euphoric, it is merely a suggestion, or an instruction, a thought of needed advice.

I have been a student of metaphysics for many years. I became very curious in the subject, several years after I first encountered the presense of an invisible entity. I was five or six years old when it first made it’s presense known. I felt the entity needed a name, for me to identify him. I could sense it was a male entity, and I called him Charlie. Charlie often spoke to me, and I would speak to him. My parents thought it was a strange behavior , however they knew imaginary friends are a part of an imaginative childhood, and an aid in creating self awareness. I often blamed Charlie for things I didn’t want to be blamed for; even if I was the cause of them. My brothers and sister also had imaginary friends. One brother had an imaginary dog, he would walk with on an imaginary leash. My sister had an imaginary friend she would have tea parties with , or tell her secrets to. Our invisible friends never fought with me or my brother and sister, neither did they quarrel with each other. Our invisible friends always seemed to try to deter my brother and sister, and myself away from fighting with each other. I could tell Charlie all my troubles. He understood how I hated it when my sister bossed me around, or when I was being punished for something, and wasn’t allowed to go outside to play.

Though most children grow out of this phase , I never did. I am admitting it. I always felt, if Charlie wanted to stay my best friend, their was no reason he shouldn’t be. As I grew older he became more of a secret friend, and I highly valued his friendship . I became very close to him as he became close to me. I trusted his guidence and calm approach to life. I trusted his reassurances, and his advice. In later years as I married and established a career, and pursued my education, I was always able to count on Charlie’s good advice and guidence. Charlie grew up with me. He is the same age as I am, born on the same day, at the same time, at the same place. We share the same experiences, and friends. We share the same thoughts.

Now as a mature adult and having read and researched this invisible friend phenomena, I am very comfortable with the idea of having an invisible friend. I have found that many, well adjusted, people have invisible friends, some have called them angels, others have called them spirit guides, and others simply acknowledge their presense as a beneficial force in their lives. Others consider their invisible friends as interdementional beings, they share a reality and complex universe with.

It is absurd in the twenty first century , to deny the presense of interdementional realities. Science has proven and theorized the existence of physical , universal and invisible forces that influence human consiousness. Legends and myths, religions and rituals, are an intrical part of Human existence, noted by civilizations through out recorded history. To deny the existence of supernatural powers , either in a pagan, science, or religious concept, has always been considered by those of higher intellect; as small minded, or closed minded , and foolish. There is too much historic, archeological and scientific evidence that validates the existence and previous existence of human understanding, and belief in supernatural guidence . Few humans will or can deny their own valid history or experiences. Wars and martyrdom have been, and still are, based on the beliefs of cultures and civilizations in an invisible entity, believed to have created the universe , or who’s words, teachings , physical reincarnation and resurrection are described in sacred texts, and considered by billions of people to be divine and indisputable evidence of supernatural entities influencing the development of humanity.

As I considered how to bring this concept of invisible friends and guides to my readers, I remembered my earliest memories of Charlie, my invisible friend. I believe Charlie is leading me to this conclusion. He always works at the same time I do. He is far more insightful than I am. He has opened the spirit world to my understanding and trust, and has never disappointed me. He has always worked harder than I have to bring new insight of the universe to me. He has always brought order to my daily thoughts , allowing them to be less rambling, more coherent, more focused. I believe everyone should have a friend like Charlie. I believe that eveyone does. Our invisible friends only leave us if we ask them to , or if we ignore them. They are no different than our visible friends in that sense. If we ignore them , they will ignore us. If we ask them to go away they do. But what is different with invisible friends as opposed to visible friends is ; if we want our invisible friends to come back to us, at anytime, they will.

In honor and recognition of my invisible friend Charlie, I am introducing him to my readers. I can not provide any physical proof to anyone, that he really exists. I can only ask all who believe me, to also believe, Charlie does exist. Charlie has never asked me to introduce him . He has always preferred to remain anonymous; this is the way of invisible friends. Today he wishes to speak for himself.

“Listen to silence. Through silence your truest friend speaks to you.”


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