Oct 10 2007

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I believe everyone is a prophet. Everyone has the ability to foresee the future. We are all the future , past and present. We have experienced all three . The future is each second we have not lived, the past is each second we have lived, the present is now. The present is timeless. It has no definition or space, it is infinite, the present is always changing. Prophecy is the understanding of what we may do in the future. I plan to live through today , sleep at night and wake again in the morning. If this comes true then I have predicted my future correctly. Whatever else happens to me during the day is a direct result of my present actions.

Predictions can be made of the weather, financial outlooks, political election outcomes, end of the world senarios, men and women make predictions every day of their lives, but seldom predict the future events accurately. Our hopes and dreams are based on our predictions. Wishing on a star, or on a magic crystal, are as plausable modes of prediction as weather forecasting. Half of all weather predictions are inaccurate. Every prediction has a 50/50 chance of coming true. Flipping a two sided coin heads or tails is a 50/50 chance. All major biblical or secular predictions have the same chance of coming true . It is the persistent thought and action behind them that cause them to manifest into reality. I can predict now if I will write many more words before I end this essay. Or I can predict a shorter version of it, depending on my mood and inspiration. Whatever I do is a prediction of the future, whatever happens is the outcome of my prediction. Am I prophetic to believe this ? Maybe. Am I a prophet to say I intend to go to bed tonight at a certain time and rise tomorrow morning at a certain time? Unless I die in the meantime , I can expect that my prophecy will come true. Prophecy is essentially what someone believes will happen. Most prophecies are self fullfilling, but on occasion some prophecies capture the imagination of entire civilizations, and become a significant reason for the advancement or decline of that civilization. However massive religious and political indoctrinations of a population, over many generations, ensure these prophecies will take root in the general population. End Time prophecy is a diabolical vehicle to suppress the world populations with fear and uncertainy, and to rob the individual of his natural right of self determination. Creating fear of the end of the world, and final judgement, by drug induced and delirious statements made in an ancient text, of undeciferable hyroglyphics, or lost languages of ancient tribes, is the most absurd stretch of the human imagination.

Believing in an End Time prophecy is always tempting to those who are unhappy in their lives. Those who are very happy in their lives do not want an End Time to shorten their happiness on Earth. Neither do they want to think about End Times, and they try to avert having such thoughts. Living now and enjoying now , is the greatest thought to possess. If tomorrow changes our circumstances ; then we must be willing to adapt to those changing circumstances. This is prophecy based on probability.

Only if we live in the now, can we ever hope to adjust to our future or accept the failures of our past. Living now is the key to all prophecy. Only in this infinite moment of now, does divinity reveal itself to us, whereby we become prophets, knowing the universal mind , and understanding the boundlessness of eternity. All fear and doubt leave us in that moment, as clarity prevails. Then the doorway to our future opens and we enter.

Dreams are prophetic ,unconsious, moments in infinity. When we sleep or day dream, we are mentally travelling into infinity. A place were all is possible, all is achievable , all is prophecy. Dream is the stuff of prophecy. Words and thoughts are simply the output of Ego in a consious attempt to define divinity. Unconsious dreams are void of Ego, and carry the message of divine hope, insight, inspiration, and needed rest.

The human mind and body are machines, designed to survive the earth’s atomosphere, and receive continual, universal, inspiration. Our minds and bodies completely understand the now, and operate within it. Great Prophets are esteemed by mankind because they have shown the way to living in the now. They have tried to remedy all the ills that existed in the now when they were alive. Each moment of our existence is for us to operate at maximum awareness of the present. Thoughts of the past or future are alien thoughts; that distract and confuse us from focusing on the infinite present.


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