Nov 01 2007

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I don’t think Hillary will be on top for much longer. She’s finally been exposed and will continue to be. The Peter Paul trial for illegal campaign donations as well as the most recent Chinese connection to the Hillary campaign are the tip of the iceberg in the dirty dealings of the Clinton Dynasty. Much like the Bush dynasty dealings but even more ruthless, ( if one can imagine that).

I am looking forward to seeing both Hillary and Bill behind bars and the entire Democratic party going down in flames again. I’m not rooting for Republicans either, they are a completely ridiculous bunch , with the one exception of Ron Paul. Why he is even running as a Republican is beyond me. It says something about the candidate though. He might not be what he says he is if he’s been clinging to the same party loyalties for the last 30 years, as a Republican from Texas. The same party whose front running candidates for president are 911 Bisexual Rudy , Mitt the Liberal / Conservative Morman , and McCain the Manchurian Candidate. The only odd ball missing from the Republican front runners is Conan the Barbarian.

I suspect the Hillary fix will soon be unfixed with a series of indictments for election fraud. But it’s the poor foolish followers of the Clintons I feel sorry for. I really do. They are being charmed and cheated at every turn by Hillary and Bill and they seem to be loving every minute of it, and eagerly donate millions of dollars to her campaign and his charity. It appears that the G.W Bush supporters, and the Hillary and Bill supporters have one big thing in common, they all enjoy being lied to.


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