Nov 02 2007

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I’ve never browsed Face Book or My Space. I know I probably should, just to see what it’s all about. Several people I know have Face Book and My Space accounts. Personally I feel anyone over 18 with a Face Book or My Space account is probably carefully watched by the FBI .

It’s just so damned dangerous out there for both kids and adults. Anyone who publishes their picture and personal information for general public scrutiny is unwittingly asking for trouble; unless they are well aware of what they want to be seen by the general public.

The unknown cost of instant celebrity may be someone’s life. I must admit I have never entered a chat room. I have commented on certain blogs , but I don’t think that is really the same thing. I have wondered if people are aware of how easy it is for marketing companies, or the federal government, or private corporations, or friends, and enemies, to mine My Space or FaceBook for personal information on everyone who publishes their picture, and personal info on these sites. It’s frightening to imagine who is doing what with all that information people are eagarly giving out to the general public.

I am a semi public person. My public opinions are known by all who read this web site or listen to my radio or television programs. It’s tempting to use every avenue available to publicize one’s own business, but some types of promotion could cause bad results. As I daily move forward trying to reach a larger audience for my work, I am reluctant to go in certain directions.

As the mega conglomerates buy up more social internet companies and paying billions in their acquisition, one has to wonder why are these websites worth so much to these conglomerates. The reason is the unlimited access to people’s personal information. News Corp owns MySpace. Face Book is the brain child of the NSA and is funded in part by them. News Corp would never turn down a request by the NSA to mine all personal data on MySpace. The NSA wouldn’t have to ask permission. Like anyone else they just have to browse the website for any personal data they want. Anything they can’t get hold of, I ‘m sure News Corp would oblige them. I refuse to give my private information to internet firms, or to the general public. If anyone wants information about me, they can read it here , or listen to my shows. Everything I don’t say publicly, I consider to be private, and expect it to remain that way. I know that sounds somewhat paranoid, but when a person reaches a certain age some paranoia is warranted. Wisdom and caution to often be mislabled as suspicion and paranoia.

I hate to be suspicious and paranoid of big government and big corporations . I am looking forward to the day in the distant future when my suspicion and paranoia are no longer justified. It is painful to watch a 70 year old Rock and Roll star of the 50s or 60s perform a pelvic gyration on stage while singing and dancing to a 50 year old song. I consider My Space and Face Book inappropriate places for aging celebs to try and capture a youthful audience. I don’t mind the idea of dying with my boots on,but I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Beatle Boots. There are many places I have visited on the internet. Some have requested personal information that I have refused to give. I have never felt the need or obligation to divulge personal,or private, information to the public, or an unknown company. I have difficulty imagining who other than voyers, blackmailers, advertizing companies, or government agencies, would be interested in my eating, entertainment, or buying habits, sexual preferences, hobbies , race, or the color of my hair and eyes.
{Since this was posted in 11/07 I was joined Facebook under Leo Steel and Twitter under lasteelshow in 9/2009.}


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