Nov 05 2007

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Thousands of Pakistan’s lawyers are being arrested for their protests against their president and his suspension of their Constitution. If all the lawyers in the U.S did the same against the Patriot Act(ing) Congress, and G.W Bush’s insane dictatorship, we citizens of the U.S would be empowered to take back our country, and reestablish our freedoms and constitutional form of government.

If all American lawyers had the same commitment the Pakistani lawyers have, to upholding and defending their constitutional rights, and to protect and defend the legal and civil rights of their countrymen, America would be free from it’s tyrannical,warmongering, dictator and complicit government. The current Congress would be abolished, and every member tried for treason and corruption. Then new elections of honest legislators would serve the will of the people. There must be nearly a million lawyers in the U.S, and many thousands of law students in U.S. law schools. Instead of their concentrating on ways to weasel out of contracts; they should be commiting their lives, and professions to upholding truth and integrity, in the courts and in government.

American lawyers are primarily employed to find ways to circumvent the law, circumvent the constitution, circumvent justice, violate human and civil rights, and ignore the desparate pleas of their fellow citizens,in favor of their wealthy clients, and federal,state, and local governments. The vast majority of our congressmen and senators are lawyers. Most of the 3500 lobbyists that hound the congress daily asking for favors and paying bribes are lawyers. Doesn’t this tell us where the legal minds of our country are? They are in the cesspools of corrupt courts and legislatures, encamped in the White House as cabinet members, and advisors to the President. What will it take for Americans to see this? Perhaps they already do, but the plague of corruption and apathy is so vast and dark Americans no longer care.

John Adams our second President and an architect of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, stated; “Democracy never lasts, because people become weary of their responsiblity ….” How right he was. Even he tried to abolish Freedom of the Press and free speech with his Sedition Act. We do not live in a democracy,we have always had a Republic. We have always been controlled by the actions and words of lawyers, who wrote our vaguely worded Constitution, and all of it’s amendments. The United States was founded on the false premise; that all men were created equal with certain unalienable rights. This was written by white men who owned slaves ! Shakespeare fully understood the power of the legal profession, when he stated; “Kill all lawyers.” However, in Pakistan, America, or in any country, I would proudly stand with, and defend any lawyer; who has the courage, integrity and conviction, to fight any tyrannical government to restore the rights, and freedoms of their fellow citizens.

American’s must learn from the example of Pakistan’s lawyers. Americans must demand that their legal profession possess integrity, and courage of conviction, and all in our justice system are honorable men,and women. Americans must instill in their children the ideals of honesty, conviction, compassion, integrity and the courage to demand; that only just laws, and just governments are to be obeyed, upheld, and defended. Just one American generation, instilled with the firm belief of these principles could transform the world forever; into a golden age of pure enlightenment.


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