Dec 05 2019

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trump dancing


Yesterday’s nine-hour House Judiciary hearing convinced everyone who watched most of it, that Trump-supporting Republicans on the committee and AG Barr’s braindead friend Prof.Turley posing as a Law Professor and Impeachment expert, were existing in an alternative universe, completely unconscious of what they were saying in defense of  Trump’s indefensible Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice, ignoring the House subpoenas for documents and testimony from Trump’s aides and Cabinet members.

The Republican Right Wing Wingnuts on Fox News and on the Judiciary Committee have completely ignored the facts of Trump’s criminal behavior and instead blame the Impeachment process as not being fair to Trump. WTF? Trump is being Impeached by the Majority of Members in the House of Representatives, blaming the process when the only problem with it is Trump is obstructing the process by not allowing anyone of his staff or cabinet to testify or release documents related to the facts, text messages, emails and phone calls that have caused Trump’s Impeachment Inquiries. The conclusion of Trump’s guilt in these inquiries is based on all apparent facts already revealed by 18 witnesses.  What Trump is avoiding by bogus Executive Privilege must be the absolute proof of his guilt. Why else would he not comply with House Subpoenas? Make sense Republican Trumpers get your heads out of your asses and see and smell the fresh air of truth and reality, then you will overwhelmingly Impeach Trump.



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