Oct 24 2019

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alexandria and bernie 2019

Bernie has secured the most important endorsement in the 2020 Democratic Presidential race.  I have not forgiven Bernie for betraying his followers in the 2016 elections. His voters were willing to fight at the Convention for him, but he endorsed Hillary 5 days before the Democratic Convention and he never showed up to contest the Democrats nomination of Hilary Clinton as the Democratic presidential contender. The primaries were rigged and he knew it and was told he could never admit it.

Early in 2016  debates  Democrat contender Jim Web after the first debate dropped out of the race publicly stating the entire debate was rigged for Hillary. Bernie was the last man standing against Hillary in 2016, then he wimped out and sold out to Hillary and the DNC. Sanders made $220 million during his 2016 campaign, only $100million was accounted for, the rest was Bernie’s retirement fund.

Alexandria adores Bernie like a wise old grandfather. She organized for Bernie in 2016 and was thought of as Bernie’s adopted granddaughter on the campaign trail.  She later in 2018 rose to the height of national and world acclaim as a remarkable Progressive Socialist stateswoman and Congresswoman at the young age of 29. Alexandria turned 30 last week. Millions of Americans including myself wished her a Happy Birthday.


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