Oct 19 2019

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My disgust for Hillary Clinton goes without saying since I have spoken against her for years on this website. She is the ultimate nightmare of political hypocrisy, and still LUVED by every hysterical Hillary loving middleaged moron in America. She is a notorious liar, villain, and icon of a horrible hypocritical politician.

Her recent denouncement of Tulsi Gabbard is the hallmark of┬áher insane hypocrisy. Tulsi Gabbard is an active Major in the Army Reserves and served 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hillary served no one but herself and her philandering self serving husband and impeached president. Tulsi Gabbard is a presidential candidate with far more credentials as a patriot and Congresswoman than most of her competitors. She is the only candidate who accused Hillary and the DNC of rigging the 2016 election against Bernie Sanders and resigned from her position at the DNC in protest. Tulsi also stated recently the DNC is trying to rig the 2020 election. Hillary’s attack against Tulsi is because of Tulsi’s attack against the Clinton criminal legacy, and her recent involvement in the 2020 campaign. Elizabeth Warren is a Hillary Hysteric, as well as Joe Biden who covered up or cooperated Hillary’s State Department incompetence for years.

I regret Hillary was never “locked up” which was the Republican’s greatest failure. If the Democratic Party allows Hillary anywhere near the 2020 candidates the seething hatred of her throughout the country from members of both political parties and Independents as myself will cause the Democratic defeat of any candidate who gets close to her.


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