Oct 10 2019

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The only countries that benefit from Trump’s betrayal of the Kurdish people are Syria, Turkey, and Russia. Trump’s betrayal has cost hundreds of Kurdish lives in the last few days since Turkey began to bomb and invade the Kurdish forces once aligned with the U.S to fight ISIS now abandoned by the U.S and invaded by order of Turkey’s President Erdogan. Trump has destroyed all of the U.S NATO alliances and has created a trade war with China and the European Union. Only Russia and Putin benefit from Trump’s rash and idiotic behavior, centered on the appeasement of Putin and all other autocrats around the world. : Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, MBS the murderous king of Saudi Arabia and now Erdogan the President of Turkey.

Trump’s impeachment must begin now. The Judiciary and Intelligence committees in the House should investigate his reasons for abruptly abandoning America’s loyal allies the Kurdish People who fought in aid of the U.S during the Iraq War and against ISIS. I fear our national security is continually being breached by treasonous Trump. Unless he is immediately removed from office and Pence with him, the U.S and our allies will either be at war with Russia and China or we will be occupied by them, by the treason and treachery of Trump and his crew of sycophants in the White House and Military.  Trump and his treasonous Republican House and Senate members have sold out the American people. Trump’s greatest defenders in the Senate are McConnel and Graham. McConnel received $2.9 million dollars from a Russian oligarch, who also is building an aluminum plant in McConnel’s state of  Kentucky for $229 million dollars. Lindsey Graham received $800,000 dollars as a campaign donation from the same Russian Oligarch. These foreign contributions are illegal under election finance laws.

Trump is a traitor, can no longer be denied. He must be brought down and brought to justice before the American people and the world, so we can mend our broken government and national security, and route out all the treasonous Trump aides and sycophants in the government.  Americans who want Trump impeached are now over 51% in a recent Fox News Poll. Over half of Americans are demanding Trump be removed from office and indicted for high crimes and treason. As the House investigation committees continue their impeachment inquiries, more evidence will come to light that Trump and his lawyers are refusing to submit to subpoenas and continuing to add to  Article Three of Impeachment which is their obstruction of justice. Currently, Deutsche Bank records on Trump and his family members’ loan activity have been subpoenaed and released to the House Intelligence Committee and the Finance Committee. Trump will soon be exposed for the fraud that he is by his own business and tax records proving Russian money laundering and Trump’s tax evasion.

L.A. Steel

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