Jul 31 2019

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moscow mitch

“Moscow Mitch” McConnel the Republican leader of the Senate is a treasonous SOB. He accepted $2.9 million dollars in a campaign contribution by a Russian Oligarch, who also agreed to build a $229 million dollar aluminum plant in McConnel’s state of  Kentucky. Moscow Mitch also agreed to take all  U.S sanctions off this Oligarch and other Russian Oligarchs including Vladamir Putin. Moscow Mitch refuses to pass the safe election bills now before him from both the House and Senate because he knows Russia has infiltrated the election process as stated by Robert Mueller and continuing to fraudulently work for Republicans and Trump in the 2020 elections. Moscow Mitch is up for reelection in 2020 and knows without Russian interference in the elections Trump and the Republicans will be swept out of office by a “Blue Wave” repeating what happened in 2018, and Trump and Moscow Mitch and most Republicans will face defeat and indictments after they are forced to leave office.

“Moscow Mitch” has deliberately and proudly held up or defeated over 126 bills in 2019 originated from both the House and Senate members.” Moscow Mitch” is a traitor his actions prove it. His defense of Trump after his outrageous racial attacks against the African American, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings will forever be recorded in history as the most publicly blatant racist statements ever made by a sitting president.

“Moscow Mitch” and the Treasonous “Dumb Ass Donald” Trump and Republican Senate and House traitors, must be arrested and imprisoned for their hundreds of crimes and obvious treason.




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