Jun 18 2019

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elizabeth warren is a genocidal zionist 2019

A Huffington Post video from 2015 at a town hall meeting Warren stated that she supports Israel’s bombing of hospitals and schools because Hamas is using them to launch their rockets. She also supports the continued financial support of Israel. Warren is nothing more than a fraud and human shield for Israeli genocide of Palestinians and bribery of our politicians.  Warren may sound interesting to some Democrats but once they realize she is a genocidal Zionist they will drop her like a load of crap.  Her idiocy during the Hillary Clinton campaign as she screamed obscenities to Trump and rattled against him on like a psycho after he labeled her “Pocahontas” should never be forgotten.

If Warren is given any chance by Progressive Democrats after it is well known she supports the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, then there is no difference between her racism and Trump’s. She is just another nothing political hack, with big ideas backed by AIPAC.


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