Jun 09 2019

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robert mueller

Few times in the course of history does a Special Prosecutor misunderstand so completely his assignment as Robert Mueller has. His assignment as Special Prosecutor was to find evidence of Conspiracy with Russia in election fraud and Obstruction of Justice by a sitting president of the United States. It appears by his Report, which I have completely read, that he has found evidence but  would not indict or could not indict Donald Trump for conspiracy because he failed to connect his own overwhelming evidence and 13 indictments of Russian hackers into the 2016 elections and 147 admissions by Trump campaign officials and personal lawyers and accountants, when in the Report he explicitly sites these witnesses and the acts of conspiracy and collusion between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign. Not indicting Trump for Treason and Conspiracy and Obstruction of Justice was not only incompetent it was “foolish” as Trump so mocked him in his comments at the UK and Normandy ceremonies.

I totally understand why Trump belittled Mueller in his comments calling him a “fool” because Mueller refused to testify before the House Judiciary and Intel committees publicly when it was his duty to do so. Mueller not testifying to defend his own findings after a 2.5-year investigation costing the American Taxpayer 53 million dollars is foolish and cowardly. He has let Attorney General Bill Barr completely mislead the American people of the true findings of the Mueller Report and making Mueller look like a moron. Mueller just to save face and defend his report must appear before the House committees who have subpoenaed his hearing and will soon press him with Contempt of Congress charges, which can demand fines and imprisonment if he refuses to appear and present his unredacted report.

Mueller ain’t much unless he comes forward and faces the American people and Congress and tells the truth. His actions in the next week or so will determine whether he is worth the respect of the U.S people or is he another Trump sycophant willing to be spit on and humiliated by Donald Trump and AG Bill Barr, and laughed at and hated by the American people as another Trump legal lackey.


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