Jan 02 2008

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I was recently (honored) by being granted a Favorite Status by a conservative talk show host . She noted in her message that though she was a conservative, and poked fun at liberals, and liberal programs, she felt compelled to place my program on her favorite status list. Her message stated that she didn’t think I would be a good guest on her program, or that she would ever agree with my views, and that she was unchanged in her convictions and could never take a liberal stance. I had to laugh at her comments , however heartfelt they were, and thanked her for considering our program . I am certain the conservative community will be surprized at our show’s content.

The L.A. Steel Show has been on Fm radio for five years. We were one of the first liberal talk shows on commercial radio in the country. A year ahead of Air America. We were never a Democratic mouthpiece , nor were we connected to any political party. Our stance was simply to voice a contrary position to battle the extreme right wing radio war hawks and fundamental religious banter that screamed across the air waves. We have not changed our basic mission , however we have adjusted our political stance to an independent one.

I believe the time for Conservative Craziness is over. I believe that most rational radio listeners have made up their own minds about the dismal record of G.W Bush and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe everyone except the .01 percent of the people in the U.S feel G.W’s economic policies are a complete failure, and nothing short of a fascist take over of the American Government. I am convinced that our program of radical dissent and others who have weathered the wrath of the bi poler conservative populace, have made a difference , and given this country of Free Speech defenders the option of opinion the Constitution is suppose to protect and defend. I am proud to say it has , in my case.

I can attest to the fact that it has been a long and arduous five years , producing and hosting a dissenting radio talk show; especially in a very conservative market. The few courageous sponsors who have supported our efforts are truly stellar examples of the faith in Free Speech in this country . Our struggle has been difficult , however not without remarkable rewards. Rewards of friendship, personal growth, and wealth of acquired knowledge. Our program has brought the lies and deceptions of the mainstream media to the full attention of our listeners. Our news reports and exclusive interviews with national journalists,authors, activists and political figures, has brought national attention to our program and given the most censored news reporters and investigators in America a voice . I know by the reaction of our audiences that we have provided a valuable service to them, and we have every intention to continue to do so.

Unchanging in one’s attitudes or life styles is seldom a positive attribute. Unchanging attitudes are only valuable in certain areas. The denial of accepting or listening to an opposing viewpoint is always detrimental. The stubborn conviction of a conservative or liberal idealogue is intellectual suicide. ” My Country Right or Wrong” is not what a patriot believes. An American patriot believes it is his right to state openly ; when his country is right , or wrong, and hope his statement will be heeded by those in power, and they will make the needed changes.

I wish to thank many of my conservative friends who have allowed me to shed light on some of their ideals, as they have shed light on my own. Few would have thought five years ago, including myself; that I would champion many of the views of the John Birch Society, and interview their president John McManus many times on my program. I can not allow myself to close my mind to other opinions, it would be foolish of me to do so. Many great thinkers today are censored and forbidden access to academic or political forums. Radio and television news programs all have their own agendas and corporate sponsorships. Public Radio has is own pool of major donors ; who sway the program selections and censorship of certain subjects. In this new year I believe these walls and veils of hypocricy and censorship will be destroyed by their own weight and darkness. Truth will not be kept away from it’s true seekers.

L.A. Steel

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