Jan 04 2008

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I believe, the hands down winner of the Iowa Caucus was John Edwards. Obama fired up the newbies,(remember Pat Robertson won in Iowa), but John Edwards has fired up the vanguard of the Democratic Party, the staunch mainstay of the liberal middle classes in the United States. Edwards has managed to successfully throw off the scourge of John Kerry’s cowardly concession in 2004. Edwards cleverly positioned himself for the VP spot on the Kerry ticket, but he wasn’t one of the “Skull and Bones Boys” and wasn’t let in on the big secret. Kerry wasn’t supposed to win. I vividly recall Edward’s brief and embarrassed 2004 concession speech. He looked like a man who had been deceived, blushing with anger and embarassment. Kerry didn’t have the nerve to speak, and sent Edwards out to get eaten by the lions. The day of Kerry’s concession it was reported, that he was in Colorado skiing with Arnold Shwartzennager. John Edwards’s mamothian feat, of overcoming the defeat and shame he faced in the 2004 election, and rise to a second place finish in Iowa in 2008, has to be recognized and highly commended. His tenacity and courageous populist message given in his second place victory speech, rung the bells of freedom in Iowa . That sound caught the deafened ears, and stirred the deadened hearts of millions of downtrodden citizens throughout the United States. His words rang true, they rang loud and clear, with hope and courage, announcing John Edwards in a roar , as the Lion of Change.

For those who didn’t hear John Edwards victory speech in Iowa let me inform you that it was magnificent. His spirit and down to earth realism and tenacity inspired even this cynic. His disgust for the lobbyists, corporate elitists and everything Clintonian was more than apparent. This is a man with a real mission. This is a reformist, a liberal, a fierce fighter . His power and prominence was self evident; yet haplessly demeaned by the mainstream commentators; who virtually ignored mentioning Edwards significant victory. “How Dare He Beat Hillary!” One could hear uttered under their breath. They could not ignore Obama, but they surely ignored Edwards. The best picture of the entire evening was the look on Bill Clinton’s face during Hillary’s third place speech. The disappointment on his face was overwhelming. I was certain he was crying, or about to cry. Chelsey looked as though her favorite pet had died. They both new Hillary’s defeat in Iowa marked the end of their reign, and defeat for all “Corporate Democrats”.

The Edward’s victory in Iowa is a significant step in the healing of America. I was convinced , upon seeing Edwards beat out the Clinton Machine , and Huckabee winning the Republican Caucus; that Americans have finally awoken to the selling out of America by both political parties. Edwards and Huckabee had the least money and corporate support of their top rivals. I believe Huckabee is another Bush in recently Conservative,canonized, costume. Edwards in contrast was without costume. His hair is real, though expensively barbered. Romney’s vanity was far more apparent, when he stated that Huckabee’s campaign chairmen threatened to knock out his front teeth. Romney’s public response to that was ” I told him , just don’t mess up the hair.” That said it all about Romney. He would rather be toothless in the remainder of his loosing campaign, than have his “perfect hair” messed up in a brawl with Huckabee. It amazed me that Romney, after spending 10 million dollars in Iowa, placed a dismal second slightly infront of the sleeping Fred Thompson. That tells the world how bad all the other candidates are. Romney would have been better served to buy one less vote, and get a better haircut for the $300 dollars each vote cost him in Iowa.

I’m anxious to see what happens in New Hampshire next week. I think Edwards will take New Hampshire, Huckabee will take the Republican spot. Obama will be another Dean stomped on by the Democratic elite. I sense Hillary is a sore loser. Edwards will stay out of the fray, Hillary doesn’t care about second place. She is fighting for her life now. We can be sure to see her claws in New Hampshire and Bill’s big grin turn into a snarl. Obama doesn’t know what he’s in for . As soon as Edwards and his charming wife mingle with the New Hampshire “Live Free or Die” patriots, I believe John Edwards will win their confidence. Romney is a joke, McCain is a farce, Thompson is an actor, Huckabee is from Arkansas, Hillary is unelectable , Obama is a suit with smile. I think Ron Paul might come in second in New Hampshire, knocking out McCain , Romney, Guilliani, and Thompson , turning their campaigns into historical footnotes. I do hope Ron Paul has a good showing in New Hampshire. He came in forth place in Iowa. He’s not a liberal but he is certain to kick a few Republican butts before this election cycle is over. The globalist mainstream media is scared to death of Ron Paul, so are the Federal Reserve, corporate and NGO lobbyists, and corporate CEO’s . If Ron Paul get’s close to the Republican nomination , John Edwards will suddenly look much better to the corporate donors. Edwards has sworn to not allow lobbyists in the White House if he is elected. Ron Paul prefers to execute them at dawn. I truly like both of these men.

My closing thoughts are that Hillary is finished, Obama is a VP choice, Edwards wins, Richardson is made ambassader to Venezuala, Ron Paul goes back to Washington, Romney is sent to Bejing China by the Olympic Committee , to oversee the American athletes in the 2008 Olympics. McCain goes insane, Thompson gets another television series, playing a president, Huckabee starts up a band with members of the ex Bush administration, with Bill Clinton as their sax player, and Condi Rice on piano. Hillary might be re-elected to the Senate , but only with some vote rigging. Dodd loses his senate seat in 2010, Biden keeps his senate seat, Kucinich runs for president again in 2012 and wins, but since the world is expected to end in December of 2012 , he never gets inaugurated.

The new year looks bright and ripe for a change in the political scenery. Economically , well, something has to get better, I hope. An Edwards presidency is what America needs right now. A President who demands a complete cleaning of the House and Senate, and a deep cleaning of the White House. The Pentagon will be vacated of it’s top brass, and Christian Crusading , Apocalyptic Crazies, now running the military. Edwards will end U.S involvement in the wars around the planet, give the U.S citizens, single payer health coverage for every American, and kick out all lobbyists from the White House and Government, and bring America back to it’s rightful position as the Greatest country in the history of the World. After witnessing John Edwards victory speech in Iowa, I believe in his message, and I believe he might be the fighting President America needs. However I heard Tim Russert a few days ago quote George Bernard Shaw ; who stated “Only a fool can afford to be sincere.” I thought that said it all about the mainstream media, as well as most of the candidates running for president. However guarded my opinion may be or may be read, I state it as a confirmed Independent. I have been an Independent since I was 18 years old and casted my first vote for President. I have been misled, misinformed, misguided, and outright deceived by politicians and yet I still feel some semblence of honesty and integrity in John Edwards far more than any other candidate in the running. I may be headed for another reality check of cynical resolve, but as of now I believe that John Edwards is the best bet for America. I believe that if he does what he said he will do if elected, America will be sitting on top of the world again.


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