May 07 2019

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Donald “Moe” Trump, Mike “Curley” Pompeo, and John “Larry” Bolton are the Three Stooges of American Foreign Policy. The most incompetent buffoons ever to serve in their respective capacities as the statesmen representing the United States in all foreign affairs. They can be thanked for the failure of North Korean nuclear talks, China trade war, Iran debacle, and new insane sanctions and war threats, the placement of the U.S embassy in Jeruselum and encouragement of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, the departure of the U.S from the UN Human Rights Council, the absence of a UN ambassador since the resignation of Nikki Haley, the bombing of Syria, Yemen and continued war in Afghanistan as well as their failed coup in Venezuela and their direct involvement in the blowback from their insane immigration policies with South American countries.

Their insane threats of withdrawal from NATO and Donald “Moe” Trump’s “bro luv” with Vlad Putin, Kim Jong Un and the Saudi Prince MBS  have created an international embarrassment to the U.S bordering on absolute treason or absolute incompetence and insanity, even worse than the G.W. Bush debacles of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, all of which one of the three stooges John” Larry” Bolton was involved with at the time. The entire State Dept currently has 40 ambassador vacancies since the firing of former Sec.of Stater Rex Tillerson, who called Donald “Moe”  Trump a moron during a cabinet meeting. Defense Sec. Mattis resigned out of contempt for Trump and is rash decision to pull troops out of Syria, after his brief talk with his puppet master Vladimir Putin. Also, the abrupt resignation of Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly, who stated the Trump White House was “Crazyland” and he had enough.

Unless Donald “Moe” Trump is impeached and indicted for treason and obstruction of justice immediately the U.S will sink into a cesspool of “Moe” Trump’s insane and incompetent decisions. Moe and his top advisers “Curley” Pompeo and “Larry” Bolton are leading the United States and its closest allies to drown in a flood of Russian entanglement and aggressive encroachment and destruction of Western Democracies. Moe Trump believes he’s a king or emperor, but he is nothing but an ignorant, insane, psychopathic narcissist, supported by his sycophant cabinet and staff cheering on his insanity and belligerent lies and stupidity.






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