May 06 2019

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Every day Trump and his lying cabinet members and aids lie to the media, lie to each other and lie to the American People. The Washington Post recently counted 10,000 lies Trump has personally told the public since his inauguration. I hate listening to anything Trump says because everything he says is a lie. His sick pathological lying has become pervasive throughout the country. Every television right-wing host and contributor lie to the camera and their viewers. Every drug company CEO lies, every CEO of every major company lies, every lawyer working for Trump is told to lie as well as every Trump cabinet member and accountant.  Our country is inundated by lies and liars our government lies constantly most politicians are despicable liars especially if they are Republicans.

In my entire life, I have never witnessed the world as such an overwhelming web of deception. George Orwell famously stated: “In a world of deception telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Unless the honest and truthful Americans demand truth and honesty from its government, media, Wall Street and all businesses, we are doomed as a nation and society to live out our lives in a lie. Democrats must demand the resignation of AG Barr for lying to Congress and demand the Impeachment of Donald Trump, and expose the criminality of the Republicans in the House and Senate. America is no longer a country governed by its people but an illegal and tyrannical billionaire oligarchy set to destroy the country, impoverishing the working and middle classes and pollute and destroy all national treasures, the water we drink and the air we breathe. These liars and thieves who now control the United States are so greed driven with reptilian hearts they are not human.

People like Trump and his mindless loyalists in government are not human, they are completely determined to destroy and steal all they can. America is faced with the largest number of homeless since the Great Depression. Middle Class and poor are unable to live normal lives because of poor wages, crippling medical and student debt, health issues caused by Chemical companies and food industry polluting their food and water and air destroying the health and environment of millions of Americans and people throughout the world.

Maybe we are living in the End Times when Satan rules the world and his minions are everywhere reincarnating into the bodies of Donald Trump and his loyalists and followers the “Walking Dead” who live in hatred and evil enflamed by the evil, hatred, racism, greed, and insanity of Donald Trump, which has infested the entire U.S government and U.S society. Trump’s obvious treason with Russia is the final blow to the safety of all Americans. Trump has encouraged and allowed Russia to invade and infiltrate our government through cyber theft of our elections and bribery of Republican politicians and highest officials. We must stop it now. We must demand as the remaining honest people and politicians in America the arrest of Trump all his Cabinet and his White House staff and aids and advisers before they completely destroy our country with their lies and treachery.



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