Apr 26 2019

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I have never been a fan of Joe Biden throughout his career.  Joe Biden had to drop out of his first run for President in 1988 because he was caught plagiarizing an entire speech written by a British Member of Parlament. Joe also made many other bad decisions as a Senator and presidential candidate as noted in the above-captioned pictured events throughout his career. I can not support Joe Biden for many reasons and one is he will be 80 years old by 2021.

Old Joe represents the era of post-segregation, Anti Vietnam War protests, the Women’s’ Rights movement and the Civil Rights Movement that challenged White American Men’s political and domestic dominance in American culture. White American men were getting beaten up by all sides of American society challenging their power and prejudice in their homes, government, and workplace and resist the tidal wave of Liberal American idealism, representing the Anti War movement that stopped the Vietnam war and ended the Military Draft. White Men were fighting a war in Asia and a war on their home front with their wives, daughters and, sons and themselves for granting independence and equality for women and minorities. Minority Americans were fighting American White Men for their basic Civil Rights and equality under the law and winning their battles. The ferocity of those movements during the Sixties and Seventies caused  White American Men to fight then and now to keep the white status quo.

Old Joe’s Democrat Party was once the party of Sen. Richard Byrd the “Grand Wizard” of the KKK. After the Civil Rights movement was claimed by the Democratic Party under JFK and Johnson and passed into law, the KKK members and White nationalist neo-Nazis all changed their loyalty to the Republican Party and created the GOP as we know it today. Trump’s father was a hood wearing KKK member in New York in the 1930s and was arrested for participating in a KKK march through New York City. He was also notorious for not renting his apartments to minorities.   The same complaints were waged against Donald Trump during the early 1970s and into the 1980s.

Old Joe Biden in 1991 chaired the Judiciary Committee that nominated Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Joe confronted Anita Hill with accusatory and aggressive questions when she testified before his committee against Clarence Thomas accusing Thomas of sexual harassment while she was working for him. As of Joe’s recent announcement to run for president, Anita Hill rejected Biden’s recent attempt to apologize to her, for his 1991 public insult, and that Clarence Thomas still sits on the Supreme Court 28 years later due to his approval of his nomination.

Old Joe is a corporate-owned, corrupt, onset dementia ridden, Democrat trying to make his last stand and earn a few big campaign donations so he can fill his retirement nest. He’s been out of work for the last two years and is getting bored and cranky and misses the limelight when he was once important in politics. Politicians fade away when they fall out of fame. Joe is trying to capture a moment that has eluded him his entire life and will elude him once again as the number one wish on his bucket list, to be President of the United States.


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