Apr 24 2019

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Democrats seem to have lost their Constitutional Power but also their political power and even their manly power. The men in the Democrat Party are wimps being bullied by the scowling lies and hate calls of Republicans who will say and do anything to protect their seats and their criminal presidency. Only Elizabeth Warren, Kamila Harris, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Rashida Tlaib have taken the bold and aggressive lead in demanding the Impeachment of Donald Trump. All of the Democrat Committee male Chairmen have made public statements of their holding back on Articles of Impeachment.  Adam Shiff Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was attacked and told to resign by his own committee Republicans in a publicly televised hearing. He retaliated and stated he was certain that Trump committed a conspiracy with Russia and Barr’s early summary of the Mueller Report favoring Trump with no collusion and no obstruction were lies that corrupted the true results and findings of the Mueller Investigation.

Elijah Cummings Chairman of the Oversight Committee has had his subpoenas ignored by the White House and the Treasury Secretary for Trump’s Tax Returns and an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report from the Attorney General, and for several witnesses in the Mueller Report to testify. Trump and the Republicans in the House and Senate have been trying to cover up their bribes and involvements by Russia during the 2016 and 2018 elections and their current involvement trying to influence the 2020 elections. Republicans and Trump are petrified with fear that the truth of their conspiracy which Mueller found plenty of evidence of will destroy them and indict them for criminal conspiracy and taking bribes from Russia to change U.S policy against Russia. They have proven time and again in the last 2 years since Trump’s inauguration that Trump has done what he was paid to do.  Russian sanctions were all taken off by Trump, and pro-Russian legislation was passed and is still being passed by the Republican-held Senate.

Democrats need a serious backbone and Pelosi has currently wheel chaired the Impeachment of Trump. Her passive resistance to Trump is a foolish and ineffective method of fighting against a belligerent, racist misogynist, who has no respect for anyone and any law. She has no understanding of how fierce the Republican resentment is toward her in the House as the Speaker of the House. She seems to prance through her day smiling to the press while trying to contain the Progressive Caucus and get no aid from Schumer the powerless minority leader in the Senate.

It is time to get tough against Trump and his Republican criminals. Biden and Bernie are playing in their own sandbox afraid to commit to impeaching Trump due to their age and weakness against Trump’s full assault against them. Biden has an exposable past and many embarrassing moments during his political career. Bernie appears to be near a heart attack as he shouts his words and leans over the podium. The physical stamina needed for the job as President cannot be sustained by 80-year-old men. The alternative to Bernie and Biden is openly gay Peter Buttigieg. His wimpy approach to Trump’s bullying is to hold off on Impeachment. Beto O’rorke is a Crypto Republican former computer Hacker. Cory Booker has begun a Peace and Love campaign where he would rather kiss and hug and make up with Trump while taking major donations from Big Pharma and Health Insurance Companies to vote against Medicare for All. The other male Democrat presidential candidates are not worth mentioning in any contest against Republicans’ and Trump’s assault against them.

If Democrats don’t fight back with subpoenas, the press and political power of the House of Representatives and show their emotional and physical strength and resolve against Republican and Trump administration bullies, they are doomed to have sand kicked in their faces, and their asses kicked daily by Trump and Republicans until they lose all respect of the American people and lose in the 2020 elections because they were too weak and “peaceful” to fight against the downfall of our democracy by the tyrannical take over by Trump and his Republican minions.





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