Mar 28 2019

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adam schiff for president 2019

Adam Schiff the House Intelligence Committee Chairman is the most courageous man in Congress based on his bold and righteous attacks against Trump and Republican adversaries on the Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff must be allowed to continue his investigation of Trump’s collusion and criminality with Russia, and question Mueller and Barr in public hearings. The great hatred of Trump and contempt of Republicans against Schiff are blatantly obvious as Republicans today are demanding Adam Schiff be removed from his position as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, so they can continue their traitorous coverup of Trump and their own bribes from Russian Oligarchs. Mueller’s investigation report means nothing unless it can be viewed and made public to the American people and media. Barr’s worthless summary and the decision about Trump’s innocence mean nothing, without the full Mueller Report disclosed, debated and understood by the Congress and the American People, who now suspect Mueller and Barr whitewashed Trump’s guilt and both of them are traitors.

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi removes Adam Schiff from his position as Republicans and Trump are demanding her to do, then she will be seen as a worthless Republican and Presidential shill, a completely sold out waste of Democratic loyalty, and Democrats must demand she step down from her position and replace her with Adam Schiff, until 2020 and nominate him for President. He is one of few Democratic presidential possibilities that would serve the country with great courage and intelligence.

As the trial of Donald Trump continues in the eyes of all Americans, Adam Schiff will rise in name and stature above all other Democratic presidential contenders as a man who can lead America with courage, intelligence and honesty against all of America’s enemies inside and out of the country. Adam Schiff appears to have all the attributes of a great leader, which all Republicans and many Democrats in the House, Senate, and presidency severely lack.



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