Mar 28 2019

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mueller is trump's cleaner 2019

Robert Mueller is Trump’s “cleaner”. A cleaner in mob murders is someone who ensures that the murder scene is cleaned of any evidence that could lead back to the mob’s killer and possibly allow the investigators to find clues and forensic evidence at the crime scene. Mueller was the cleaner in Trump’s Russiagate conspiracy.  There is so much evidence already public including 13 indictments of Russian hackers who influenced the 2016 election, that proves Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia. Mueller was hired as Special Prosecutor to investigate this connection and to uncover if Trump or his campaign team had colluded with Russia and Trump may be a Russian Asset, blackmailed by Russia to do as they want, like dismissing all sanctions against Russia and some Russian billionaire oligarchs, backing away from Syria, and cooperating with Russia and weakening our NATO alliances, and destabilizing the American government and society now embroiled in hate attacks against Black people and Muslims as well as all immigrants legal or illegal.

Mueller has allowed Trump to continue with his treason and fascist policies and allowed the Republicans to continue their heartless cruelty, greed, and stupidity. Mueller by cleaning up the crimes committed by Trump and his Republican cohorts has brought the U.S to the brink of violent revolution, whereby Trump has already ordered his followers as well as the military and police to physically fight to save his presidency against the American people who demand his impeachment.

I heard recently from a passivist friend who is committed to joining any revolutionary movement to take back the government. I have seen organizations on social media sites seeking all like-minded Americans to consider joining a million person march on Washington D.C and demand the resignation of Donald Trump and the Republican leadership and all Democratic corporate whores who are paid off and pretend that they are honest and have “progressive” ideals. I and millions of other Americans are ready to march on Washington D.C as soon as the word is out to organize, and take over Congress and the White House and “Throw The Bums Out !”




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