Mar 01 2019

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Mark Meadows is one of the foremost racists in Congress. His moronic Tea Party Platform and his being the founder of The Freedom Caucus proves what a racist he really is. This 2012 video of him running for Congress in North Carolina’s 11 District telling his constituents that he will send Barack Obama back to Kenya and his embracing Donald Trump’s “Birther Movement” is proof of his racism.  North Carolina is known for flying the Confederate Flag and honoring its Confederate history and statuary. Meadows’ ignorant racist use of one of few longtime black female employees of Donald Trump and the Trump family as a “prop” was called out by Congresswoman Tlaib in Micheal Cohen’s public Oversite Committee testimony.

Their overwhelming hatred of Michael Cohen and the outrageous ignorance of the Republican Representatives on this Oversight Committee were blatantly obvious and their unabashed loyalty to Donald Trump is a sickening and obvious testament to the coverup of their own corruption and that of Donald Trump’s. Unfortunately, the Republican Reps appeared to the millions who were watching the Michael Cohen testimony as complete idiots, and racists.

The following is a brief bio of Mark Meadows:

“Mark Meadows is the Representative for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District since January 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party and founder and chairman of the Freedom Caucus. He is considered one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies in Congress.” Wikipedia

It is well known that Mark Meadows wants to be Trump’s Chief of Staff now that Mulvany is Acting Chief of Staff and Budget Director. The following video is the complete exchange of Rep. Tlaib and Rep. Meadows at the Michael Cohen Oversight Committee Testimony. It is interesting to watch the annoyance and at the same time the polite political comeback of Chairman Cummings and the verbal reconciliation and apologies by Tlaib and Meadows at the end of this video.

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