Feb 28 2019

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President “bone spurs, racist, conman, cheat,” Trump while being publicly destroyed by his former lawyer and Fixer Michael Cohen in testimony before the House Oversight Committee was engaged in his second summit with No. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. By all reported accounts including Trump’s own press conference, nothing has been accomplished. Kim refused to negotiate with Trump unless the U.S was willing to drop all sanctions against No. Korea. Trump refused but said he was pleased that his new found “friend” Kim would not continue nuclear testing. Trump agreed to stop war games with So. Korea as one of the concessions for Kim stopping nuclear missile tests.

Secretary of State Pompeo warned the media prior to the summit that he did not expect any further results to be made by the summit, however, he remained optimistic that there might be a breakthrough. It appeared that the Summit was a planned and failed diversion from the scheduled House Oversight Committee hearing with Michael Cohen. The world was virtually mesmerized by the eight-hour hearing instead of the ongoing summit happening the same day. No one expected any changes in the agreement with No. Korea and no one expected Trump to have his mind focused on the summit when his entire business empire and presidency were crumbling before the world by the public testimony of his personal attorney of over ten years who divulged all criminal activity he and Trump and Trump’s family members committed. Tax evasion, campaign finance fraud, payment for silence to porn stars and Playboy Playmates and anyone who threatened him with exposing his criminal and philandering acts prior to the 2016 election and after he was elected president.

The one point which seems to escape the mainstream media is that every cable news host and contributor and every national news outlet refuses to state the possible impeachment and removal from office of Trump prior to the 2020 elections and assume that Trump will remain a contender for reelection. I believe based upon Cohen’s public and private hearing statements and the over 8000 known lies made by Trump since he took office, that there is more than enough evidence already without Mueller’s investigation findings to impeach and indict Donald Trump for High Crimes and Treason.

This week’s testimonies and next month’s hopeful release of Mueller’s Investigation findings will be enough to convince Trump’s most ardent supporters and all undecided Americans that Trump has created criminal and treasonous actions and he personally threatens the security of all Americans. Only the deaf, dumb and blindest Trump followers will not relinquish their loyalty to the criminal now in the White House. Kim Jong Un has no guarantee that Trump the man he negotiated with will keep his word and agreement, after seeing and hearing Micheal Cohen’s public testimony about the president who he publicly described as a “racist, con man and cheat.” Few if anyone in the world but Russians and Saudis will want to negotiate anything with Trump.


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