Dec 28 2018

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The following statements are from several interviews by recently furloughed Federal Employees who were willing to use their first names only. I have no personal connection to them however I do feel for them and can understand their nightmares of working under Donald Trump. Some of their statements are graphic. If you are offended, TOO BAD.

Federal Fred:

“I hate the son of a bitch, prick, idiot, treasonous, asshole Trump! That’s all I have to say except I hope he gets impeached, imprisoned, and raped in jail!”

Certain Sally:

“I am so disgusted by Trump I could spit at him. He’s a rapist, misogynist, idiot, and crime boss Russian mobster. I work in the government and try to do a good job and take my work very seriously because so many lives depend on what I do. Trump is a cruel and heartless dictator who doesn’t care at all for anyone but himself. For him to stop paying federal workers at Christmas and for an unlimited time because he wants to continue to capture and kill young children and their desperate parents seeking asylum is inhumane and condemned by every country in the world and 90% of all Americans. Most Federal employees and patriotic Americans hate Trump and everything he stands for.”

Patriotic Pete:

“I have served in the military for 25 years and am proud to have served my country but I am grateful that I retired from the military because if I still had my machine gun I’d be thinking of using it on that son of a bitch Trump. I’ve never seen anyone as stupid as he is with the exception of G.W Bush, he was the flying, asshole who caused 911, got the country into two unending wars and massive recession, and destroyed the lives and countries of millions of people to steal their resources and avoid his own impeachment. Before 911 no one remembers he had a national approval rating of 25% and falling and the House called for his Impeachment. Trump is held up by the crooked cronies and Republicans in Congress and the Senate and all the sycophants around him. I was sorry and alarmed to see “Maddog” Mattis resign it must have been a hell of a fight between the Mad dog and the Madman.”


Passionate Pauline:

“I am so thankful to you for hearing what I have to say, maybe someone will do something about the shutdown and about Trump. I apologize if some of your readers are offended by what I have to say but Trump is the worst human being I have ever known. He’s a rapist and racist animal without any feelings or compassion. He parades his dumb foreign wife around on his arm as she wears 8-inch stilettos to a flood zone and barely speaks English. I plead with Robert Mueller to come down on Trump with everything he has. He must indict, prosecute and punish Trump and his family by imprisonment. As a church-going Christian, I can find absolutely no love or kindness for Donald Trump and pray daily that God strikes him down and he goes to the Hell Fire he deserves for eternity.”


Kindly Kate:

“I loved Donald Trump but now that he stopped my paycheck my love for him and my budget are a bit stretched. I voted for him cause I couldn’t stand Hillary, and he said he would “Drain the Swamp ” and “lock her up.” It appears to me now that someone should lock up Trump for his own safety and the safety of the world. I regret voting for him, and I’m willing to tell the world I regret it. I love Trump because to hate him would make me very angry especially now when he shut down the government and 800,000 of us Federal workers aren’t getting paid, and many of us have to continue working without pay because Trump wants to build a stupid wall. My poor husband can’t even watch Trump on television without swearing at him. He’s a federal employee too. I keep telling him to calm down especially at Christmas, but my stupid brother in law got him raging mad on Christmas day talking about Trump and my husband kicked him out of the house and my sister too. They are both Trump supporters God only knows why.”



Any similarity to these Federal workers as coworkers, friends or family members are completely incidental and unrelated to these interviews.



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