Jan 15 2008

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“All Truth Is Half Truth” is a statement explaining a condition of one of the seven Cosmic Laws. We can only see half of all truth in our physical reality. Our spiritual reality mirrors our physical reality ; which is one of the Cosmic Laws, “As Above So Below.”

I was reminded of this statement as I considered the rhetoric of the many presidential candidates from both political parties. If all truth is half truth it is virtually impossible for anyone to understand the true motives of these candidates, nor can anyone fully identify the motives of their many supporters(if we evaluate them from only an empirical viewpoint). Humanity does not operate completely on a physical plane. It exists in both a physical and spiritual existence. Neither reality is completely understood by the divided individual. In this bi polar reality we exist in our minds and our super minds should be acting in unison with one another, unfortunately they do not. Something not yet completely understood by mankind prevents them from merging into one complete entity.

If we could consider for a moment all we know based on the cosmic condition of all truth is half truth; then everything we know is only half of what we should know, to make an informed decision on something. The only way for us to make a completely informed decision on any subject, must depend heavily on our intuition. What we feel about something ,or someone is as important to us as what we know and completes the entire equation. It the true answer . Through the trials and errors of my own life’s decisions, I have learned to trust my intuition far more,than any knowledge I may obtain on a certain subject. Knowledge is often incomplete, manipulated, and skewed by it’s many sources. Our intuition is our own personal geni,and can not be manipulated by anyone but ourselves.

Too many people have forgotten how to use their intuition. They disregard it and consider it a barrier to acquireing their desires. They can not prove their intuition exists empirically so they ignore it as foolishness, or unwarranted suspicions, undue skepticism, or even delusional paranoia. It is common to over react to a situtation however; that over reaction is a cautionary, subconsious, warning from our spiritual side. Our spirit , or intuition can see beyond the mask of physical reality. It can sense the spiritual existence of harm or danger. It can see the splendor of something,and stimulates the flow of endorphines within our gray matter,to heighten the appreciation of an experience,or stimulate the adrinal gland to release adrenilin to heighten our escape reaction to a situation. The spirit attempts to work in conjunction with the physical body,to co create our earthly existence. If we ignore the body we develope an illness. If we ignore the spirit we develope an illness as well; that manifests itself into our daily lives. We become depressed, or despondent, unable to make decisions, unable to relate to daily occurances. We over react, or under react to certain situtations greatly jeopardizing our physical or mental well being. We develope substance addictions to fill the void left by the loss of our spiritual self. We create our own personal prison to confine our physical reality into a defined area, that we alone can control. We ignore our spiritual voice, and intuitive expressions for fear of their being correct or forcing us to consider drastic changes to correct our lives. It is easier to ignore our spiritual selves; than it is to change our physical and psychological habits. I am as guilty as anyone in this practice, but I understand my intuition is the guide I need, to lead me to the truth.

When considering the election process most Americans will wait to make their decision once the primaries are over and the two major candidates from each party have been chosen. Few Americans will actively participate in the primaries. Perhaps they intuitively understand; they really have little voice in the selection of the candidates. They know whoever gets the most money, and the most corporate support will win. Those who are active in the primary process are the die hard political idealists, who believe their votes will be accurately counted. They believe they are making a significant difference in the political process. They are not aware of the herding process of political primaries; nor are they willing to accept the warning signals from their intuition. They base their decisions on emotional reactions to political rhetoric, and limited empirical evidence of the qualifications,and sincerity of the candidate of their choice. They choose to ignore the obvious mechanisms pulling their strings, and herding them into the voting booths to cast their uncounted vote, or their vote that will be manipulated to represent the pre planned outcome of the election.

The American voter is the most passively manipulated voter in the world. He or she listens to the main stream media,and accept the commentators views on political issues as facts. It has been proven time and again, that American news reporting, is the most censored, and fabricated in the world. Most who are aware of this no longer pay attention to the major American news outlets, unless they view them as entertainment. All Truth is Half Truth. This is why we are continually questioning ourselves,and are too often dissatified with the answers we receive. The intuitive half of ourselves already knows the true answer to every question. It is up to our physical half,to simply listen to it.


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