Dec 20 2018

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It appeared obvious to almost everyone after the Helsinki Summit with Putin that Putin was in charge of U.S policy and Trump was his stooge.  Trump stated he saw no reason to listen to the CIA findings on Russian interference in the 2016 elections because Putin emphatically denied Russia had any involvement, even after Mueller indicted 13 Russian agents who were in the U.S to rig the election for Trump and Republicans. Now Trump decides to pull out of Syria in the next 30 days. The only countries in the world who benefit from Trump’s decision are Russia, Syria, and Iran. the same countries we have been battling there.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff were completely broadsided by Trump’s irrational decision, as were the Senate and Congress. Nothing has been stated by Gen Mattis Secretary of Defense regarding this move by Trump. It appears that Trump did it on his own without conferring with any military advisors. The only reason for such an abrupt decision on Syria is that Putin must have called Trump and demanded he pull out of Syria or he would release damaging information on Trump to the world.

Trump owes his soul to Russia there is very little doubt left. He has kissed Putin’s ass since before the election and had done so ever since regardless of what Putin does. Recently Russia has landed two nuclear-capable bombers into Venezuela without any statements by Trump or the State Dept except a foolish Tweet made by Mike Pompeo which both Russia and Venezuela ignored and called “undiplomatic”.          https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-sends-bombers-to-venezuela-tu-160-nuclear-capable-planes-mike-pompeo/

This is similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis when President Kennedy threatened Russia and Cuba with war if they did not remove the missiles. Trump is so weak and pathetic he has done nothing in retaliation. Trump is an obvious traitor to this country and is owned by Russia as is the Republican Party. Patriotic Americans can no longer allow this traitor to remain in office or be unindicted and not prosecuted for his high crimes and TREASON. Another day, week or month of Trump remaining in office is more time for him to betray the American people and their allies. Congressional Impeachment or his Cabinet enacting the 25th Amendment are the only legal and constitutional options to rid the country of its greatest TRAITOR.




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