Dec 19 2018

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It has been stated and charged by the Attorney General of New York that the Trump Charity is a fraud and has been ordered to close down. If their charity is closed for fraud and all of Trump’s businesses are being investigated for fraud, what does that say about Trump and his family? It says that they are all crooks and thieves and have sold out the country for money. The Saudis have stated that they bailed Trump out of two bankruptcies and Mueller’s investigation has shown that the Russians through their oligarchs have invested billions into the Trump family businesses. Trump has sold out the United States and lied and cheated his way into the presidency, as well as the Republican Party cheated their way into a Senate majority by taking hundreds of millions of dollars from Russia and allowing Russia to heavily influence the U.S 2016 elections.

Trump continues to deny any wrongdoing or collusion with Russia or Saudi Arabia insisting publicly that Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt” but so far Mueller has indicted 33 people including 13 Russian agents working in the U.S, to undermine the political process and influence the 2016 elections for Trump and Republicans. They have all fled back to Russia to avoid prosecution. Within his twenty months in office, Trump’s administration has had 89 criminal indictments, 24 criminal convictions and 3 prison sentences with 2 more sentences scheduled within the next few months, those of Trump’s former Dept of Homeland Security Director Flynn and his former campaign manager Manafort. Also, two of his cabinet members Pruit and Zenke have been indicted for fraud and both have resigned.

It appears that all the adult members of the Trump family Eric, Donald Jr., Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner and the wives of Eric and Donald Jr. have been subpoenaed and soon will be indicted for Charity Fraud, Donald Jr. for lying to the FBI and money laundering, Jared Kushner for the same reasons. Everything Trump and his family have done appear to be illegal, which also includes tax evasion, money laundering and importing hundreds if not thousands of illegal aliens to work in their vineyards and hotels around the world without proper work permits or visas and paying them slave wages. Trump has been sued 4500 times for not paying contractors, employees and state taxes in Florida, New York, New Jersey.  He was not allowed to own a casino in Nevada because he was considered to have too many mob-related influences in his businesses. He was kept out of the NFL for the same reasons the owners believing he was involved with Mob-related activity with the Russian Mob.

It has been suggested by several network journalists and contributing legal consultants that Trump may resign to spare his family from prosecution, however, that is doubtful because Trump’s only power to avoid prosecution of himself is to stay in the presidency as long as he can until he is impeached or loses the 2020 election. Vice President Mike Pence is also being investigated for his role as the leader of the Trump Presidential Transition Team and the Russian involvement and financing of the Trump/Pence presidential campaign. Trump and his entire administration are criminals and unfit for office. Mr. Mueller must indict every one of them or justice will not be served and the American people must demand that justice is served.



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