Jul 18 2018

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Donald Trump’s excuse for betraying the country at the Helsinki Summit was so glaringly insane and stupid that no one, even his most stalwart supporters could accept what he said, that he didn’t mean  “there is no reason why I “would” accept U.S national intelligence indictment of  Russia for 2016 election meddling.” Yesterday after worldwide outrage condemning Trump as a Traitor. He changed his story and said ” I made a mistake when I said “would”, what I meant was “There is no reason why I wouldn’t accept all U.S national intelligence agencies indicting Russia in the election.”

Trump is the boldest liar ever seen on the national stage as a politician, with the exception of Vladamir Putin. If Trump supporters still insist that Trump isn’t a traitor after hearing his treasonous statement at the summit press conference, then there can only be one answer. They are blind, deaf, and dumb and are incapable of understanding the words TREASON, incompetent and unfit for office. Trump supporters’ blind hatred for anyone other than white Christian, politically Right Wing, people in American society has created a chasm of ignorance and bigotry that cannot be bridged by any rational or intelligent dialogue. Unless Trump is impeached and indicted now the United States is doomed to be led into the hell of racial hatred, civil war, and the blistering ignorance and corruption of American society and government.



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