Jun 12 2018

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Making a deal, agreement or treaty with Kim Jong Un, may not be possible, when Trump,  Pompeo, and Bolton realize they are dealing with a sociopathic killer. Everyone in the Trump entourage of peacemakers appear to have forgotten, or overlooked the facts, that Killer Kim recently  had his cousin murdered with a chemical weapon, killed his uncle by strapping him to an antiaircraft cannon and firing, and he had another uncle executed by stripping him naked and unleashing starving attack dogs to eat him alive. The last two executions he gleefully watched.

There was little mention of negotiations about Human Rights violations. This was lightly discussed because Trump and his peacemakers have little regard or compassion for humanity, and the hundreds of thousands of anti-government activists being “re-educated” by starvation and brutality in prisons and gulags of North Korea.  Trump would bomb and destroy anyone who gets in his way, and Kim would do the same. These two new “friends” would sooner cut each other’s throat if one crosses the other, and throw a million nuclear bombs at each other’s country for their own amusement and revenge.

Any agreement or treaty with Killer Kim and  Trump will not turn out good for the world or their countries. The only two factions that will benefit from any agreement are Kim and Trump, by leaving their countries to escape the bad public relations problems they are having at home and around the world. The world media hype surrounding these two men has been greater than the Harry and Meghan wedding. Harry and Meghan kissed and married, Kim and Trump shook hands to showed Bro Luv.

Trump was on all early news shows today giving his speech live from the summit.  It was obvious Steve Miller Trump’s sanguine speechwriter poured syrup over Trump’s words, to sweeten the foul taste that lingered after his press conference and speech. Trump left himself wide open to possible failure of any agreement with Killer Kim. If Trump gets screwed by Killer Kim he will look like the fool that he is, but if Killer Kim agrees to denuclearize and promises Trump and his family copyright protections and a few billion in financing, Trump stated, ” The North Korean Shoreline would be a wonderful location to build  luxury condo complexes.” (with Trump’s name on them ).

L.A. Steel



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