Jun 11 2018

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Trump’s Pageant Parades to the Singapore Summit

Best buddies, Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump impersonators.

 All hail the mighty Trump, as he passes through the widest streets of Singapore with 36 black limousines in tail. An estimated cost to the U.S for the summit in Singapore is $20,000,000 dollars, every Trump hack and horrible adviser is with Trump on this trip. Few experts have hope for this summit, when Trump demands the denuclearization of No.Korea, and No.Korea will not accept it. The only reason this summit has happened is because No.Korea has nuclear bombs.
Trump needs a deal the same way Nixon did, when he opened U.S relations with China. History shows us that Nixon’s big China show didn’t help him dodge his impeachment and regardless the outcome of this summit , Trump will be impeached, indicted, and serve time for being a Criminal Enterprise owned by the Russian Mob, and controlled and elected by Russian influence. Kim Jong Un knows Trump’s weakness and deep ties to Russia, and considers Trump as a “Dotard” a feeble minded old man.  He knows Trump’s “make a deal” tactics if he or his advisers read Trump’s books, and understands the grand pageantry and bluster Trump enjoys creating around everything he does. His pre-summit  self congratulations lays his autocratic ego bare for all the world to hope, for someone in Singapore to throw a pie in his face.
The picture above is one of two impersonators hamming it up in Singapore. The people of Singapore understand the significance of the summit , but are having a great time mocking the two most hysterically egotistical political leaders of the 21st century. I do not believe this meeting of the two minds will be anymore than an expensive distraction and a propaganda photo opportunity, to excite the 3000 reporters attending the summit from the international press and media.
L.A. Steel

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