May 10 2018

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It is apparent to many what Donald Trump is doing however, no one in the media appears to want to say it. Trump is trying to create WWIII, to distract from all of his personal problems and oncoming impeachment and criminal indictment.  His withdrawal from the Iran Treaty, Paris Treaty and his military strikes on Syria, including the most recent Israeli attack on Iran’s military sites in Syria, and the recent Israeli aggression against Palestine is a perfect storm . Trump’s hopeful summit with North and South Korea will  turn into another Trump disaster of failed foreign policy, by his flexing his belly fat to intimidate Kim Jong Un.  Kim Jong Un will not accept the “dotard’ call for complete denuclearization.  Trump’s disassociation and alienation of  NATO allies and China and Russia appear to be signs of his unstable insanity, and that of the Senate and House Republican majorities.

Trump’s new Secretary of State is all smiles, thinking that his two day efforts for peace will be historical, when in reality Kim Jong Un has settled a truce with South Korea already, without Pompeo and Trump’s’ intervention.  It would be more realistic if the leaders of North and South Korea request that Donald Trump not attend the summit, because Trump has added nothing to the peace treaty, other than bullying threats and insults, and should not take credit for the peace settlement. The peace gestures were made during the 2018 Olympics, by both countries, and by the crushing sanctions applied to No.Korea by China, its once strongest Allie. If anyone can take credit for this peace summit it is North and South Korea and China, not Trump.

It was recently announced that Russia and China are about to replace the World Reserve Currency with gold instead of oil, which will tank the U.S dollar and cause wide spread panic throughout the world stock markets. The veneer of Trump’s mindless and cruel policies will soon be ripped up, to uncover the massive corruption and collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his personal wealth, which are directly related to Russia with their  laundered billions into  Trump businesses and real estate holdings.

Trump should receive no accolades or praise from anyone now, or in history, other than his being the most incompetent and corrupt president the U.S has ever had. Donald Trump will be the first president in U.S History with his family and friends, to be  criminally indicted for massive fraud, corruption and high treason.



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