May 07 2018

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Donald Trump’s last lawyer standing is now Rudy Giuliani.  He is a former prosecutor, former NYC mayor, former security firm CEO, and his third wife of 15 years has recently filed for divorce.  Rudy boy is losing it. He’s a complete bumbler on national interviews, and seems to have little if no understanding of Trump’s many legal problems, and has been making them far worse in his rambling, incoherent, national,  crazy, interviews and statements.

Rudy Boy is Trump’s last friend and the only lawyer he could get, since all of his other lawyers have made a mass exodus from Trump’s insane behavior and massive deceptions. Another incompetent addition to Trump’s legal team to replace Ty Cob is Emmet Flood, the former Clinton Impeachment Lawyer, who unsuccessfully defended Bill Clinton from Impeachment and worked under G.W Bush and VP Dick Cheney to clean up their White House legal messes. . Stormy Daniels is a thorn in the ass for Trump, and if we can believe her attorney, it may be what destroys Trump.

Rudy Giuliani is Trump’s greatest fool, the court jester, the legal inept of Trump’s rapidly dwindling White House staff and aids.  Just as no one so far appointed by Trump for Cabinet or other official jobs is remotely qualified. Most have been completely incompetent, crooked or are about to be fired or indicted. Even Trump’s own family members Jarad Kushner and Ivanka ,  along with his incompetent sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump are about to be indicted for Russian collusion in the election and Russian money laundering.

Kelly Anne Conway and Sarah Sanders are the only two still standing. Kelly Anne is the  only original member left of the Trump White House Staff, because she has no conscience and is able to keep up with all the lies and even go beyond the lies of Donald Trump. She defends and repeats everything he says and does, and has created a national void of credibility, to the press and public greater than the void of  corruption and lies of Richard Nixon and his aids. Sarah Sanders is a pathetic liar, no longer able to sustain any media or public credibility, and is publicly insulted daily for her lack of integrity.

The insanity of Trump’s entire 14 month term in office has been so obvious to everyone, yet no one will declare it as a crisis. Republicans are trying to cover up the craziness of Trump by showering him with accolades, leaked Intelligence  files and a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, only to prove their own racist, moronic, hypocritical personalities and treasonous corruption. Democrats have lost most of their credibility  in the battle against Trump, because of theirs and Hillary’s mass corruption during the 2016 election, and the deception of Bernie Sanders. If a wave of Democrats win and take over the majority of the House and Senate, it will be because Americans demand Trump’s impeachment and the repeal of  Trump’s insane tax bill, and bills against the environment, immigration and everything he has done since he took office, and destroy every corrupt, cruel and contemptuous executive order and Republican bill in the House and Senate and Impeach Donald Trump and his ventriloquist dummy Mike Pence. The Democrats proved themselves and what liars they really are in 2006, when they gained the majority in the Senate and House in midterm elections, on their unkept promise to impeach G.W.Bush, and end the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The American government is a corporate controlled madhouse, fueled by bribery and corruption in each political party and government agency. Unless all are swept clean in 2018, and federal and state governments are filled with men and women of integrity and intelligence, America is doomed to wander aimlessly in the present swamp as Donald Trump and the inept congress lead us deeper and deeper into the quicksand of their insanity.



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