Apr 27 2018

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pence and pompeo meet rudy 2018

I would like to be in the room with my camera, when Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo meet and greet Rudy Giuliani.  Both Pompeo and Pence are famous homophobs and anti LBGTQ , which was one of the major stumbling blocks for Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State by the Senate. Rudy Giuliani is an open cross dresser and swings both ways. I interviewed on my FM radio show in 2008, the owner of a specialty sex shop in New York City, who sold Rudy Giuliani his fish net stockings and silk lingerie and other assorted ensembles. The owner who was gay laughed at the great hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani running for President, and that  he would be famous as the man who sold Rudy his women’s lingerie and fishnet stockings.

I can imagine, Pence and Pompeo debating if they should take the risk of  shaking Giuliani’s hand for fear of catching AIDS, then see their faces as Trump embraces Rudy and kisses him on his lips like an Italian “Mob Boss”to his Made Man. After witnessing the scandal of Trump’s last lawyer Mike Cohen, they must be concerned that Giuliani’s love of himself and the television camera, and his open attitude towards homosexuality could create an even greater scandal than Stormy Daniels, or the other many Trump sex scandals.  Trump is calling in all favors from Rudy for all he owes him for supporting his mayoral runs in NYC, before and after the 9/11/01 attack on the World Trade Center .

Trump needs another lawyer and friend to replace Mike Cohen. Pence and Pompeo will stay safely away from Rudy, and let him help Trump squirm out of Mueller’s tight gripping investigation.

L.A. Steel


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