Apr 26 2018

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the dream 2018

Everyone has dreams they wish would come true. A Dream Weaver is a master of illusion who mocks the wishful minds of the masses with lies and foolish dreams. This is the mastery of mind controllers. Dream Weavers are  men and women who are continually misdirecting the masses away from reality to gain personally, politically, or economically.

We are never certain of our future unless we are grounded in the present and aware of our past. A Dream Weaver is a magician who casts a spell of hope over his audience, by showing  empathy towards all who come to see and hear them speak. Politicians, and performers understand the powers of magic they possess or possess them.  Dream Weavers create an illusion of hope with words and promises of universal justice, peace, prosperity and morality. A Dream Weaver creates the tale of wonder that launch their audiences into an alternate dimension, while the Dream Weavers pick the pockets of  their audience.

Bernie Sanders is a Dream Weaver of socialist and communist ideologies, which have proven to be disastrous for most countries ruled by them.  I am not anti capitalist, I am for the well being and advancement of Mankind. I believe in many social justice issues that do not disallow personal incentive and individual achievement. Group, national and international consciousnesses are the Dream Weavers’s vehicle of deception. They focus upon the most essential human needs and wants and offer them all to their audiences, to be implemented under one form of government led by the Dream Weaver.

Bernie Sanders exposed himself as a  Dream Weaver in 2016 and can never regain the faith of his believers, who he betrayed with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton one week before the Democrat Convention. National news reports stated, by the end of Bernie’s presidential campaign he made $220 million dollars in campaign contributions and had $120 million in reported campaign expenses. Bernie made $100 million dollars in 2016 as a Dream Weaver, all money donated to a political candidate after expenses can be kept by the candidate.

Bernie Sanders is 78 years old, his running for president in 2020 is absurd. The country knows he is a Democrat shill trying to seduce Independent lefties into the Democrat  Party. Anyone holding out hope for a Sanders presidential election is completely delusional, and fallen under the Dream Weaver’s spell.



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