Apr 14 2018

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2003 Documentary of the One World Fair Peace Rally Cummington Mass. (part 1 & 2 of 5)

This documentary has been abridged to three 30 minute parts, remarkable information, and historical performances featured at The 2003 One World Fair in Cummington , Massachusetts , several months after the American invasion of Iraq and the signing of the Patriot Act.

Our featured guests were Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and international, investigative Journalist, Greg Palast, presenting his latest book “The Best Democracy Money can Buy.”

This first part features interviews with the fair hosts,  opening speeches and some special performers. Also featured is a rare performance and interview with the Raging Grannies.



Part 2 of this documentary features Amy Goodman of Democracy Now,  giving an informative talk on the G.W Bush invasion of Iraq and the Patriot Act privacy violations. This is a great recap on the historical events that happened during and leading up to the 3/20/2003 invasion of Iraq.  The L.A.Steel Liberal  FM talk show launched its first broadcast on 3/4/03, on Wqqq103.3fm . We were one of the first commercially broadcasted radio programs to condemn the Iraq invasion and call out Bush’s lies of WMDs.

This completes the amazing speech by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. As an eye witness to 911 she gives her emotional description of that day and the horror of the WTC collapse. She reveals the absolute lies of G.W. Bush regarding 911 and his reasons for the invasions of Afghanistan. She attacks Dick Cheney for his out right lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and causing the 911 attack.


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