Mar 06 2018

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It completely amazes me how Donald Trump could have hired so many incompetent people and still be President. It can only mean that Hillary’s people were more incompetent than Trump’s. Wow, imagine the nightmare of a Hillary presidency. Sam Nunberg is another DC Comic Character in the Trump campaign. His closeness to Rodger Stone ,  the most notorious Republican trouble maker in history. He led the “Rat Fucking” during the Nixon Years, and was fired by the Bush Sr. Campaign, when it became public that he belonged to a Swingers group. Rodger Stone has become “Rodger the Dodger” of the Republican party. He seems to get fired from campaigns, and then rehired. His talents are very valuable to the Republicans regardless who the President is.

Nunberg stated in several interviews this week, that “Rodger Stone is my mentor, and father.” If Rodger Stone is his mentor, how can anyone believe him? Rodger Stone has no integrity, he will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and that is why he is still alive. Nunberg in his drunken numbness insists the he will sooner go to jail rather than say anything about Rodger Stone, which is part of the Subpoena he was issued last weekend.    Nunberg is scared to death of having to release all of his emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

CNN Host Erin Burnett accused Nunberg of having alcohol on his breath. It would appear that the stress of bringing down his best friend or the Trump presidency, relies on his numbness . His stress level must be at maximum warp speed.  His continuous drinking from the cup in front of him each time he was flustered, could have been a water alcohol mix, a favorite of alcoholics.  Sammy is a goner no matter how much he drinks and he knows it. Either he turns in his best friend or Donald Trump and his entire campaign and white house staff, or he passes out in an alcoholic stuper.  My advice to Sam is to lay off the alcohol , get some exercise and join a gym, and stay in Washington D.C where you can smoke pot legally, get a concession truck , and sell hotdogs to senators , congressmen, their staffs and lobbyists. I have a name you can Trade Mark,” Sammy’s  Hot Dog Palace.”



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