Mar 05 2018

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hurry up mr mueller 2018

There are so many indictments and plea deals from the Special Prosecutor’s investigation into Donald Trump’s collusion and business. Jared Kushner and Ivanka are both being investigated for money laundering and if their businesses are effecting White House foreign policy.  The entire Trump administration including Dumb and Dumber Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions is a Criminal Enterprise, supposedly Mueller is attacking the Trump campaign staff and White House staff and family as Mobsters. This is probably a wise move, however why is it taking so long , especially with all the evidence Mueller now has in his hands, including plea deals and confessions, indictments and more evidence of treason and conspiracy ?

I am certain the pressure on Mueller is heavy, but most people don’t remember Mueller was FBI Director during the 911 investigation, and white washed the entire event by adhering to the bogus 911 Commission Report, which still stands as the greatest farce and cover-up of government conspiracy since the Warren Report, that white washed Kennedy’s assassination .  I want to trust Robert Mueller is doing right by America and the laws of the land, but seeing how his good friend and former FBI Director Comey failed to indict Hillary Clinton or the DNC, with overwhelming evidence of criminal activity and rigging election primaries, I have some doubts as to Mueller’s real ability to overcome those same problems with Trump’s administration.

As Mueller makes more mud patties to throw at Trump, he seems to be sinking further into the cesspool  of Trump’s family ties with Russian Mobsters, Money Laundering banks, Trump’s insane denials and Republican insanity, hypocrisy and cover-ups. Maybe the assignment is too big and burdensome for Mueller and his team of investigators? FBI Director Comey stated, “he didn’t indict Hillary because her crimes and the crimes of so many Democratic and Republican party members, and the DNC reached into every part of the government, and indictments of the guilty would have brought down the entire government.”  Mueller must be seeing the same thing, and being best friends with Comey, assures everyone that Comey turned over all FBI files regarding Hillary’s investigation, and everything he had on Trump’s collusion with Russia during the campaign and now.

So far my predictions of Mueller’s indictments have been right. I predicted indictments by Thanks Giving of 2017 and Manafort ,Gates and Papadopolus were all indicted. in late November 2017. George Papadoplus accepted a plea deal and admitted his guilt and is cooperating with Mueller. Gates recently was cleared of 30 counts of money laundering, and tax evasion by cooperating fully with Mueller and turning over on Manafort ( and Trump).  The second set of indictments came last month, which I had predicted would happen just in time for Valentines Day as Mueller’s Valentines Gift to the nation.  My Third prediction of Mueller’s indictments  I stated will happen in April or May. All evidences he has collected so far appears to be more than enough for a Grand Jury indictments of Trump and his entire former and present staff, and everyone in the Trump family, for money laundering, tax evasion, Obstruction of Justice, and High Treason.

My faith in Robert Mueller’s investigation is waning  however, I still believe Mueller will  soon rise out of Trump’s cesspool in a hazmat suit and hose, to drain the swamp of Trump’s  business empire and that of his family and closest billionaire cohorts and cabinet members, and expose all the dirt, debris, and stench of Donald Trump and his minions, drowning  Trump in his own cesspool of filth, criminality and treason.   I will keep my prediction of April or May as the month of Mueller’s massive indictments of everyone in the Trump administration.

Spring will be be beautiful after Mueller’s mud shower of indictments settle, and April rains cleanse the earth, as the sewage piles from Trump’s cesspool and all remnants and debris of Trump’s administration and Republican traitors in congress and the senate, including Mike Pence, will be hauled away, as the White House, Congress and the Senate are cleaned, and sanitized, to make way for a new government.to flourish.

L.A. Steel


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