Jan 31 2018

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trump's sotua sucked

I find Trump’s rhetoric to be as phony and empty as he is. He doesn’t believe anything he says, he says things to appease or insult his opponents and his followers, until he is criticized by the press for his stupidity, or is criticized or corrected by his staff and Cabinet, then he denies he ever said what he said, even though it was publicly recorded .  A cat’s continual cry is more tolerable to listen to than Donald Trump’s whining, syrup laden voice, as he misreads his monitor or decides to adlib.

His racist agenda cannot be disguised by his faux generosity of giving citizenship to 1.4 million immigrants and Dreamers, when it is only possible with Democrats agreeing to build a $25 billion dollar border wall between the U.S and Mexico, and to deny grandparents and relatives of legal immigrants to resettle in the U.S.  The absolute ignorance of his border wall idea is even considered impossible by his GOP supporters . The U.S Government only owns 2.6% of all the lands bordering Mexico, all the remaining 97.4% of the land is owned by private citizens, who would not want their lands seized by the government to build a wall taking away farmlands, forests, grazing lands or homes. In the same way nothing Trump has said as president makes sense.

Get the facts straight MR. PREZ. You prove your incompetence daily.  He pleaded in his speech for unity between the political parties and the people of the U.S. His statement was prompted by the notable absence of 14 prominent Democrats who boycotted Trump’s first SOTUA and the many Democrats who wore black dresses and suits to protest for the rights of women against sexual harassment and assault. Trump has publicly proven to be one of America’s biggest sexual offenders, yet he was elected President, with the aid of the Russian Government, The Freedom Caucus and White Christian Evangelicals, who still profess their undying loyalty to Trump, even after the disclosure of his adulterous  one year affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels, while his present wife  Melenia was pregnant, and after the child was born. Documents prove he paid $130,000 to Daniels through his attorney, to buy her silence about the affair.

There is nothing worth anything that Trump said in his SOTUA.  His words and phrases are all cliches, his delivery would be comedic if it weren’t so blatantly hypocritical, racist, and ignorant of facts. he completely mocked any sincerity and compassion he tried to express for the desperate and downtrodden refugees, and illegal immigrants escaping U.S Military aided war torn countries,  and corrupt, genocidal, governments, that profit by human trafficking for slave labor , sex slaves, and harvesting human organs.

Trump is a horrible President. Hillary would have been no better, and would also be under federal investigation for her fraud and rigging of the Democratic Primaries and her involvement with the Russian government in the sale of 20% of U.S Uranium to Russia, while she was Sec.of State, and the Russian Government’s donation of more than $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  Seeing Donald Trump last night and all the happy , hypocritical faces of the Senators and Congressmen, as they sat in the audience was almost unbearable to watch, knowing that everyone of them has lied to , cheated and stolen from the American people, and expect to be reelected by their constituents, to continue their plundering of the American Treasury and their outright corruption.

L.A. Steel


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