Jan 30 2018

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L.A.Steel 2003 Interview with Hartford Catholic Worker Christopher Allen Doucot

title to chistopher allen doucot interview 2003

This is the second part of a 2 part interview. The first part unfortunately is lost to history. This program was recorded shortly after Christopher had returned from Iraq in 2/2003, to secure visas and passports for Iraqis trying to escape from the threatened invasion, one month before the invasion of Iraq and the “Shock and Awe” bombing of Baghdad on 3/20/03. Some of the photos presented in this program taken by Christopher in Iraq, are shocking and graphic.

Christopher and his wife live in Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford Catholic Workers are advocates for the poor and homeless. He was also a member of the Catholic Workers international outreach, that help war victims and refugees. Visit Christopher’s website @ hartfordcatholicworkers.org

The source for the following definition of the Catholic Worker is from Wikapedia:

“The Catholic Worker considered itself a Christian anarchist movement. All authority came from God; and the state, having by choice distanced itself from Christian perfectionism, forfeited its ultimate authority over the citizen… Catholic Worker anarchism followed Christ as a model of nonviolent revolutionary behavior… He respected individual conscience. But he also preached a prophetic message, difficult for many of his contemporaries to embrace.”



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