Jan 23 2018

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Donald J.Christ & The Hypocrisy Of The White Christian Right


Oh, great Jesus , how can you or anyone on earth forgive the criminal hypocrisy of Donald Trump and the White Christian Political Right that embraces him? There came a moment in time when even Jesus Christ condemned the hypocrisy and greed of the Jews, as he attacked the money lenders in the Temple. To this day orthodox Jews do not acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and yet insane Christian Fundamentalists and Donald Trump adore Israel and Judaism; while they claim Jesus as their God and Savior. Jesus was considered a dangerous heretic by the Jews at the time, and was killed by them. The teachings of Jesus were the complete rejection of Jewish traditions, which were highly abridged and revised to be added later to the Christian Bible as the Old Testament. The Jews have their own sacred text, most important is The Torah, which was never entered in the Bible. The Bible testifies that the crucifixion of Jesus was carried out by the Romans, because of the condemnation of the Jewish Hierarchy against Jesus for heresy and creating rebellion.

The greatest disassociation in religious history has been created by the atheistic, hedonist that Donald  Trump has proven himself to be, and who and what the Christian Fundamentalists believe they are. They believe that forgiving Donald Trump of all his sins, forgives them for all of theirs, making them “Jesus Like”.  Jesus  forgave those who crucified him, by saying, ” Forgive them father for they know not what they do”. The Christian Right mocks the lessons of Jesus by elevating Donald Trump , a cruel , cynical, immoral  buffoon,as their political and spiritual leader “Donald J.Christ”.

Maybe the world is coming to an end, and the Apocalypse is upon us, as predicted in Revelation.  The “Anti Christ” will rule the world during the Time of Tribulation, when the world is rocked by wars, revolutions , “earthquakes, fires and floods.” Donald J Christ is the new Jesus of the White Christian Political Right, who make up approximately 30% of all American Voters proclaiming to be Donald J.Christ’s devote believers.  If I am the only person in America who knows this and sees this happening, then I may be wrong, but I believe millions of Americans are seeing the same thing I am, and I am certain it must be as shocking and appalling to them as it is to me.

L.A. Steel


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