Dec 11 2017

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Elmer Erikson was a neighbor of mine, when he wrote his bestselling book ” Backyard Birding in the Northeast United States”, published by Seven Locks Press and still available on Amazon.com. Elmer was a landscape artist by profession and an avid bird enthusiast. He handcrafted the many birdhouses and feeders featured in this program, and discusses his research and his inspiration for writing his great book. Elmer brought a spiritual element to his writing of the wonder and beauty of birds, and how to attract them and house them in our own back yards. As Elmer’s neighbor I enjoyed our adjacent back yards seeing all the variety of birds attracted to his feeder and taking residence in his several birdhouses located in his backyard. One of my treasured gifts from Elmer is one of his handmade birdhouses. I am grateful that I can present his interview and program once again, to share Elmer’s book and unique character with a new audience. Elmer passed away several years after this program was broadcasted.



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