Nov 19 2017

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Alabama has the worst record of any state in the U.S for its outrageous racist history from slavery to segregation, and their murderous displays of racial hatred by the KKK, and brutality of Alabama police forces and the people in Montgomery and Selma.  What hate has possessed the people of Alabama to hold up an insane pedophile racist like Roy Moore for Senator, or a cruel bigoted idiot like Jeff Sessions, as model Alabamians to parade around on political stages shouting racial slurs, or holding a pistol to prove how manly and viral they are? They are living proof that the more cruel, bigoted and stupid you are , especially in Alabama, the further up the political ladder you go. One of the biggest bigots and worst liars in the country is Jeff Sessions. He is proof that a bigoted fool can become Atty General of the U.S and be appointed by a greater bigoted idiot ,who was elected President, all by spewing class, gender and racial hatred and ignorance as their political banners and campaign slogans.  What does that say about the people in the U.S who elected them?

I have great difficulty understanding how emotionally and racially  removed Alabama is from the remaining 49 states.   Other politically conservative states seem to have less vocal hatred for minorities than Alabama. Perhaps Alabama should consider secession and Congress should insist on it. Maybe Alabama statehood could be revoked and let them form their own country, like Israel has and become an Apartheid state like Israel has become. A White Only State. Just like Israel is a Jewish State.  Let  Roy Moore or Jeff Sessions become President of Alabama. Imagine the Holy White Christian Alabama Constitution, that would authorize slavery, segregation, torture and death to all minorities, and remove all Alabamians from any and all U.S Government social safety nets,constitutional protections or U.S military defense,  so the people of Alabama can be FREE from all U.S Government controls.

Only White Protestant Christian Alabamians would be allowed to work or own businesses or receive any state benefits. No minority would be allowed across its borders. A great White Washed Wall would be built around the state decorated with burning crosses and lynching ropes, with skeletons hanging from the nooses next to prominent displays of the Alabama and Confederate flags. What a country Alabama would become. Imagine the Alabama National Chamber of Commerce advertisements, would say, “Come to Alabama with a Banjo on your knee, and a rope in your suitcase, cause in Alabama we love to lynch people, and don’t forget to bring your guns and knives and baseball bats, just in case you meet any black folks or other minorities. We at the Alabama Chamber of Commerce make sure our members do not serve minorities or even white people with weird names. We don’t like any foreigners in our state either.  Twice a year we sponsor a marathon with hundreds of thousands of runners who enthusiastically participate to chase a few minority prisoners who we release from our prisons just for the special events. Everyone of our great political and business leaders in the country of Alabama join in and lead the marathon chase. Our greatest politician Roy Moore leads the chases and the Great Jeff Sessions approves the prisoners’ punishment. Death by hanging is the most  preferred punishment for any and all minorities, who are captured by the crowd of runners.

Instead of “electing” political leaders in Alabama, the remaining 49 states in the U.S will gladly give Donald Trump to Alabama, with no right of return to the U.S, since Alabamians worship and adore him they will grant him the presidency of Alabama, and designate him as  Alabama’s new God and Supreme Leader.



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