Nov 15 2017

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This program is not a defense of ISIS or any terrorist group. It is an explanation of why the Western Nations have demonized the Arab nations, to continue war against them, to eventually occupy and plunder the entire Middle East under U.S/Israeli control and occupation.

This three part series is “A Defense of Islaam.” Part 1 , War Against Islaam is War Against Ourselves, Part 2 , “The Magnificent Message” The Words of Muhammad, Part 3, “Wrongly Blamed.” These three segments are my essays and summations of two different books by Dr. Khaseem Khaleel, and my own research regarding the origins of Islaam, and the true reasons the West is at war with the Middle East, and has been since the Crusades. The Western countries are further inflamed by the discovery of vast Middle East oil and mineral reserves, which fueled the Zionist Movement and exodus of European Jews to Palestine, to establish the Israeli State. These essays explain how the Zionists terrorized and ethnically cleansed the Palestinians from their own homeland. This three part series was first produced and televised in December of 2007 shortly after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It has been proven by many sources that Alqueda and ISIS are Israeli / U.S creations and are supported by this alliance to, war, terrorize and demonize Islaamic Arab nations, before the eyes of the world.

L.A. Steel



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