May 29 2017

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Everything about Donald Trump’s Administration, campaign, family and friends are steeped in lies.  Trump lies about everything. His son in law Jared Kushner is Trump’s Mini Me, who does whatever Trump asks him to do, including setting up a “Back Channel” to secretly communicate with Russia.  Homeland Security  Director John Kelly states, that ” There is nothing unusual about setting up a Back Channel to communicate with foreign countries.”  However no President has ever done so, especially since Trump’s connections to Russia are so conflicting and nefarious. Trump’s connections to Russian financiers and mobsters are well known, and can be seen on the preceding video on this site.  Former Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn was fired for unauthorized conversations with Russian Intelligence officials during and after the election. Homeland Security Director John Kelly, now gives Kushner and Trump a free pass to establish a secret communications link to Russia, that can not be monitored.  This is TREASON and Kelly is another Trump idiot.  How can the Trump administration attract  so many incompetents and Traitors?

On this Memorial Day 2017, I feel more betrayed by Trump than any other President since Nixon. Trump has lied about everything he’s done in his past and everything he will do.  Everything he is doing is creating a greater disaster, internationally and nationally.  Trump is not a revolutionary, he is merely an idiot who wears”off the rack” suits, and exaggeratedly long, phallic symbol ties,  whose entire campaign and administration is infiltrated by Russia. Proof has been shown that Trump and Kushner owe their souls to Russian Oligarchs and Putin.  I have been critical of many presidents , however even G.W Bush, who I believed was the worst president in modern history, with exception of his father G.H.W. Bush, rank second and third next to Trump who, is the worst if that is even possible.

Evidence of Trump’s most loyal supporters becoming unhinged  is appearing across the country by insane, murderous, racists, attacking Muslims and other non white races, in hate filled, murderous  rants.  Americans are witnessing violence growing among Trump supporters at an alarming rate,  as they attack innocent people or do battle against anti Trump protesters. At first I thought it was a normal protest against Trump’s election, but  the protests have become more extreme from  both pro and anti Trump protesters. Weapons are being used, bats, knives, guns , bottles, and fists.  Donald Trump is complacent with the violent protests, and seems to encourage them, even when his own supporters are being hurt and arrested. His own belligerent  personality was most apparent during his European trip, and seems to have fueled the rage and insanity of his devote , racist followers.  Trump is a living nightmare. Every action he takes and word he speaks is proof of his insanity.  I confess that I had hope for a Trump presidency, since Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were destroyed by their own corruption. I thought for a moment in time that Americans could break the two party prison we exist in. Trump was the chain saw of change that might break the system.  But within days of his inauguration his lies began to be exposed, as his ties with Russian banks and mobsters became more apparent, and his insistence of not giving up his tax returns, and the apparent rigging of the elections by the Russians all lead to his exposure as a fraud, cheat and liar.

Unless Trump and his corrupt administration and family are removed from office immediately, Americans will be at war with No.Korea, China and Russia without the support of NATO. Trump’s stupidity and belligerence, will impede the Special Prosecutor’s,  Russian investigation against him, angering his opponents and supporters, while Trump desperately seeks a major distraction, to divert attention away from his genocidal Healthcare Bill and nation destroying budget. Let this Memorial Day mark the end of Trump’s Administration and his genocidal agenda. Veterans who have held out hope for Trump’s policies are soon to realize Trump’s promises to them are all lies. He cannot wait to send American Soldiers to war.

Americans celebrate Memorial Day to remember the sacrifices made by millions of American soldiers since the Revolutionary War. Let this day stand for something more than a sad memory of men and women, who have lost their lives because of presidential insanity and congressional stupidity, that sent them to war.  Let today stand for resistance to all insane presidents and military madmen, who seek world domination by violence , murder and genocide.

L.A. Steel


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