Feb 15 2017

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The Powerless President


Donald Trump has become the powerless President. For someone who swept the nation to win the Presidency he now appears to have become silent and powerless. The minority party of Pussycrats have instigated national riots and congressional investigations, and crippled his staff and family with countless slanderous  attacks and accusations, as the media has had an all out assault against him and has tried to devastate his first 20 days in office. These prigs of self righteous FAKE NEWS, and paid trolls including all Globalist night show comedians and daytime talk show hacks are attacking him like a pack of wild dogs. Saturday Night Live, has no respect or mercy for Donald Trump or his Cabinet and advisers. It is time to send a strong message to his many supporters to come out and support him. There must be a tidal wave of anger against Congress and every anti Trump protester by Trump supporters. If the Americans who voted for Trump do not defend him now , then their votes were worthless and their support of  Donald Trump is worthless. If his supporters do not step out and defend him publicly through tidal waves of congressional contacts, phone calls, emails and petitions Trump may not last 100 days in office, and America will have no chance of ridding the yoke of the NWO globalists around our necks, and ridding the country of illegal immigrants and Sanctuary cities, traitors in all government agencies and in the Senate and House of Representatives, especially those traitors in the Republican Party who voted against Donald Trump and are now his most vocal critics. Unless we rid government of all of these we will be in worse shape than we are now. Donald Trump and his supporters are the only chance he and we have of saving America for Americans.

No one can doubt that Donald Trump has been betrayed by his own staff and by every Neocon / Obamadite, remaining in the government.  It appears his own domestic White House staff are leaking personal information about Donald Trump. Why he doesn’t clear out all of the former Obama / Bush domestic staff is beyond me. If I were surrounded by spies and traitors I would get rid of all of them, especially those who clean my house, cook for me, or take out the garbage.  The CIA and Secret Service have been  major sources of treason and incompetence against many Presidents. The JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations were all allowed to happen and were performed by CIA and FBI assassins . Trump has his own professional security team who are loyal to him, and have kept him alive and well for many years and throughout his campaign. He must never allow them to leave his service and replaced by Secret Service employees. Donald Trump is far too trusting of the globalist minions setting him up to fail. The number of sensitive leaks to the press and to Trump’s congressional enemies, is outrageous. Several news sources have stated, who are close to Donald Trump have named Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as one of the major leaks and will soon be fired.  These leaks must be stopped and stopped now, or Trump will be in worse shape before his first 100 days in office.

Donald Trump must begin the investigation of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the criminal Democratic National Committee, as well as indict George Soros for undermining and bribing every political Trump opponent in both parties.  There is enough evidence to convict them for high crimes and treason. If Trump lives up to his campaign promise of ‘Locking Her Up”, it would shut up every Pussycrat and Soros backed “Progressive” in the country.  I believe Donald Trump has the courage and conviction to destroy all of this opponents in the government and media as he did during his campaign. However, unless he begins to show that resolve again,his supporters will soon fade away and fear for their own safety.  I have no qualms standing up for America, but I will not stand behind a weak and powerless president,  who is not able to fight for the dignity of his office and all who supported him,and fight for the honor and dignity of himself and his family.  My advice to Donald Trump and his closest and most trustworthy advisers is to stand firm, attack viciously all who attack you, with all the ammunition you have, and publicly request that all Trump Supporters , stand up against those who would insult them and their elected President.  Make those who disrespect Trump and his supporters pay the price of their stupidity and insults. Trump supporters must attack their opponents with law suits,and whatever weapons they can to physically defend themselves and their families, and defend their vote and Constitutional  Right, to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States.

We must all demand that Donald Trump cleans his house and protects his family and friends and supporters with all the power at his command. If he truly is rendered powerless by his enemies in congress and the courts and enemies within and outside the government, then there is no hope for Donald Trump’s presidency, and no  hope for the United States.

L.A. Steel



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