Nov 17 2016

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I understand why the world fears the election of Donald Trump if he is greatly influenced by the Alt Right Philosophy of White Nationalism. But I did not sense that he was, especially since he engaged all Americans with his message of hope and prosperity for all races and economic classes.  I fear some of his recent selections for his Cabinet however, he has fired Chris Christie and all of the appointments chosen by Christie because they were all lobbyists. Trump has now declared that no lobbyist will be allowed in the Trump cabinet and administration. All appointees and their staffs must sign an oath that they are not lobbyists, and they cannot work as a lobbyist for 5 years after leaving government service. Also as government employees they must sign loyalty oaths to the U.S Government and the American people they serve.

Alt Right founders and front men are like parasites embedded on the ideal of Constitutional Restoration  the Trump presidency represents. Trump is a revolutionary leader.  I cannot believe that he or the American people who elected him are racists or White Supremacists. They believed that Donald Trump would lead this country and all of its citizens regardless of their color to a prosperous and secure future. Do not let the Hillary Media and the Establishment mouthpieces fool Americans into believing  White lives and livelihoods mean anything to the Liberal and Conservative Establishment, other than their following the New World Order Agenda of One World Globalist Government, which Nationalism is its greatest enemy.  Nationalism is not wrong. It is simply the respect, love and preservation of a Nation’s Heritage, or established cultures and laws. By all Americans respecting the rights and privileges of All Americans , a nation of many races, cultures , religions and philosophies can co exist. This is the American Dream, this is what I desire of my country.  I believe this is also what Donald Trump wants for this country.

Alt Right is a post election wet dream of White Supremacists, and the perfect idiotic ideology to embrace the mind numbed, working class, disenfranchised, White Americans who, believe their skin color makes them invincible and entitled to political power.  White Americans elected Barack Obama, as well as many minority  Americans did and he served two terms. A racially divided country would never have had a two term Black American President. That is why I believe All Americans who voted for Donald Trump did not vote for him for racist reasons , they voted for a major shake up to the corrupt system, and to “Make America Great Again.”   Alt Right and its naked philosophy of White Nationalism must not be allowed to flourish in America. It is a philosophy too embedded in Neo Nazism and KKK radicalism and other hate filled fanaticism like Radical Islam, Zionism, and all forms of ethnic supremacy.

I do not believe Donald Trump is as shallow and full of hatred as the members of these movements and Alt Right groups are. His appointment of Stephan Bannon as his Chief Adviser isn’t because he’s a White Racist, but because he knows Bannon was responsible for his winning the election. Bannon is a rebel and a brilliant rebel. He understood the desperate needs of White Working Class Americans, and how they were neglected by the Government and both Democrat and Republican parties. He recognized Donald Trump as their champion and the Champion for all Americans. There will never be another Jewish Holocaust, nor will their be another Holocaust of indigenous Americans.  Permanent Deportation or incarceration of Illegal Immigrant Criminals is what any sane immigration policy must enforce. If there are 3 million illegal immigrant,criminals causing crimes and murders in the U.S, especially if they are allowed amnesty in unconstitutional Sanctuary Cities, then this must be stopped and it must be stopped immediately. That is what Donald Trump has promised those Americans who elected him their President.

Ignore the Main stream Media criticism of Trump’s new administration, and wait until Trump and his staff speak to the American people directly, and not through a surrogate, or any other translator. If Donald Trump or his team are ideologically racist , then they will be seen as racists by the American People, through their Cabinet Appointments and their openness to the public. Then the American people will decide for themselves to agree with Donald Trump’s leadership or fight against it.

L.A. Steel




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