Nov 16 2016

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” BOO, HOO, HOO. I feel so sad and worried and anxiety prone, I need to get seriously drunk and take another Valium, or more weed, or maybe I’ll overdose.”

” I am so sad that Trump won I think I’m going to burn down something, or just kill myself ”

These are the kind of comments I’ve been reading in major Hillary loving magazines and blogs and hysterical Facebook posts. The most recent Rolling Stone issue has an interview with Mick Jagger and the Stones, about Trump’s victory, but that has nothing to do with all the Rolling Stone magazine’s posted comments from Facebook and Twitter by heart broken Democrats , Millennials and others in denial and depression about Donald Trump’s victory, posting selfies of LBGT people and minorities who think Trump is the end of the world for them. It is the end of the World for phony, foolish Democrats who think Hillary can still win, or that the Democrats still stand for anything, other than crooked politics and party corruption. They are completely delusional. Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders or any other Delusional Democrats or Fake Democrats like Bernie can not revive the Democrat Party after what they did backing a corrupt candidate, and trying to rig the election. They have lost the Senate and House and Presidency. We as a nation can only pray that all the good that was fought for and won by the party , will be sustained by a Trump /Republican government.

I am grateful that Harry Reid is retiring this year. Nevada just made Marijuana legal, now old Harry can go home roll up a fatty and smoke his way through retirement and stay out of politics. Unfortunately we still have hard core Hillary Wonks in the House and Senate, like Pocahontas Warren, Pissed off  Pelosi and Fat Head  Feinstein can also roll up a fatty and join Old Harry in lighting up, since Massachusetts , and California have both legalized Marijuana.

My state of Connecticut has kept its Blueness but Connecticut people are about to riot over the budget failure, lost jobs, company moves, and a billion dollar deficit created by its Democrat, Bobble Headed governor, and the incompetent members in the State House and Senate. Our two Democrat first term U.S Senators Blumenthal and Murphey are hell bent on protecting women’s rights and banning guns.

So stop crying and protesting and rioting against Donald Trump’s victory. Man up and Women up and get back to work or school or where ever you are supposed to be, and stop feeling sorry for yourselves. America has survived violent revolutions, slavery, civil war, two World Wars and 44 Presidents. Trump is number 45. I am certain the United States will survive.¬† American citizens are America’s guardians. Americans will never tolerate tyranny by political parties, presidents or corporations and their media.


L.A. Steel












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