Oct 13 2016

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“DONALD TRUMP MOLESTED ME!” because the Russians told him to.





An 80 old woman’s last ditch effort for national fame and hope of receiving millions of dollars offered in reward money by Mark Cuban and other wealthy Hillary donors, accused Donald Trump of groping her, now other women have also accused him in the last few days  of  kissing them or whatever many  years ago. This 80 year old woman now claims she suffered the indignity of Donald Trump “supposedly” groping her on an elevator at Trump Towers 35 years ago.

In response to these accusations and a million others that will follow, I put my claim in that Donald Trump is being crucified by false accusations. I wouldn’t be surprised if men and women pet owners claim Trump molested them , their children and their animals, if they thought it could make them famous and rich. The entire media circus centered around these accusations is simply a diversion away from all the trouble Hillary is in with the recent leak of another 1900 emails from Wikileaks. These emails are devastating to the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, and implicates Obama for his establishing ISIS and creating unrest and wars in the Middle East. Also released were the thousands of personal derogatory and classified emails of Hillary’s top advisers.

There is no defense for the Democrats or the Obama administration,and the Hillary legacy. If Trump is elected it will be because Americans are fed up with Hillary and all the crooks and traitors in our government. All they and their bought off media can do now is throw more sexual allegations at Trump, while Bill Clinton continues to molest underage prostitutes and campaigns for Hillary as a champion of Women Rights. The ultimate hypocrisy goes without equal in American politics.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016







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