Oct 10 2016

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The Greatest Put Down Presidential Debate of 2016






The political put downs and insults of the 10/9/16 presidential debate will go down in history as some of the best. Trump overwhelmingly won this debate by slamming Hillary with Bill Clinton’s former sex affairs sitting together in the audience, which slowed Hillary from attacking him on his recent embarrassing video taped conversation from 2005, and nationally embarrassed Hillary and Bill Clinton.   Trump didn’t leave anything sacred in attacking Hillary. He even stated that if he becomes President he will assign a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and put her in jail. When she accused Trump for attacking Kzir Khan , he accused her of attacking his supporters as “Deplorables and racists” also of her legal defense of a child molester, the 12 year old victim now an adult was invited by Trump to sit with the other 3 accusers of Bill Clinton sexual assaults and affairs.

Trump plays hardball better than any politician I’ve ever seen by his remarkable ability to take the worst criticism and hateful insults by the media and his own political party, as well as the personally vicious advertisements against him from the Hillary Campaign.  Her big donors are so frightened by Trump’s major gain in the debate last night that they are increasing their donations to Hillary, and have put out a multi million dollar reward to anyone who can give them more damaging tapes on Trump before the election. Why are they so afraid of Trump?  Trump plans to end the incestuous political / corporate affairs that now plague the government with corruption, ineptitude and the theft of  American wealth and security. He wants to end our foreign military involvements and the destructive policy of nation building, and calls the current military leadership “incompetent idiots”. This is why all former Bush, Clinton and Obama military advisers and former failed generals and Defense Secretaries have denounced Trump.

I give Trump a lot of credit for his performance last night. Rather than being a cowardly wimp, and bow to his critics, he gave them all the finger and blasted Hillary and all of her supporters. I also appreciated his arguments with the two Hillary Loving moderators.  Anderson Cooper was useless and looked like a manikin as Martha Raddick reigned over the questioning with notable Hillary bias, while interrupting Trump, during his rebuttals to Hillary’s accusations, prompted by Raddick’s questions. The biggest losers of last night’s debate were the moderators and net work news media.  This Trump soundbite sex scandal , that coincidentally was brought to  public attention by the network news media 2 days prior to the Presidential Debate, was a deceitful and malicious, deliberate attempt to destroy Trump’s campaign.  However it only served to show how low and debased and desperate the Hillary Campaign is, and how badly Trump is hated by the news media, and how nasty and deplorable Hillary’s supporters really are. Hillary’s foreign policy adviser tweeted “Fuck You Donald Trump” after the debate. That was a true declaration that Donald Trump destroyed Hillary in the debate.  I only hope for Trump’s sake that he keeps fighting and not give up. He has the chance to destroy all of his Republican and Democrat enemies, and bring the news media to heel and destroy themselves in the process.

L.A. Steel

Independent, Write In Presidential Candidate, 2016


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